LA Spartans

"To set the cause above renown, To love the game beyond the prize..."


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Varsity Girls' Track

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Junior runner Sarah Wallace

Student Manager: Raymond Lee

Name Class
Mia Anderson 2018
Giselle Balvuena 2020
Ester Berrocal de Castro 2019
Seliana Carvalho 2017
Jolexis DeJesus 2019
Lori Donohoe 2020
Jessica Fatzinger 2020
Olivia Healy 2020
Lily Jarnryd 2019
Tate Jordan (captain) 2017
Subin Kim 2017
Sophia Lando 2020
Claire Lanzendorf 2020
Emily Leung 2019
Lena Long 2019
Kristen Parry 2018
Anna Sacknowitz 2018
Julia Stern 2020
Irina Testarmata 2020
Hsin-Fang Wu 2018
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