LA Spartans

"To set the cause above renown, To love the game beyond the prize..."


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Varsity Boys' Skiing

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Name Class Hometown
Avery Badger 2021 Winchester, MA
Nicholas Beloff 2021 Southborough, MA
Cameron Bulens 2020 Andover, MA
Christopher Davis 2020 Dunstable, MA
Nicholas de Valpine 2020 Arlington, MA
Timothy Duggan Jr. 2018 Chelmsford, MA
Caroline Fortune 2019 Gloucester, MA
Alina Groth 2020 Berlin
John Horvath 2021 Groton, MA
Theodore James 2021 Concord, MA
Alexander Kelley 2020 Acton, MA
Haotian Lian 2020 Dalian City Liaoning
Harrison Liang 2019 Bedford, MA
Frederick Madsen 2021 Waltham, MA
Jacob Magee 2020 Concord, MA
Alena Tochilkina 2019 Moscow
Olivia Todd 2021 Concord, MA
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