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Mr. Scheibe

We often think of institutions having a mission, but at Lawrence Academy we feel it is essential for individuals to develop a sense of mission as well — clarity and purpose that will organize work, goals, life. More than a useful orientation and preparation for college and career, a life driven by conviction and meaning has a benefit that extends beyond the self, spreading well-being and goodwill to ever broader communities.

Lawrence Academy was founded over 200 years ago in an environment aimed at forming a citizenry and deeply committed to democratic ideals. Education was not something to be hoarded, but something to be shared in building a good society (“the light shines for all”). Our school’s modern expression continues this commitment, focusing on the individual to realize broader goals, grounding educational experience in real application toward the greater good.

We believe in a healthy and intelligent approach to life, and we apply that belief every day through tending to the students in our care with a sense of generosity, optimism, and genuine interest. The wellness of Lawrence Academy itself is measured by the sense of empowerment students feel in their process of growth. When we are at our best, we are not aspiring to perfection — we are aspiring to honest and full self-expression.

The spirit of loyalty and pride that arises from such mutual commitment is inspiring. When you’re fully committed to a place — and a place is fully committed to you — you have deeper experiences. Such full explorations of the human condition lead in turn to more genuine and meaningful processes of learning. And genuine, meaningful processes of learning are key ingredients for a life in which an individual can contribute and prosper.

We warmly invite you to find this sense — unique to you — of self, of inspiration, of responsibility, of possibility at Lawrence Academy.

Head of School Dan Scheibe

Dan Scheibe
Head of School
Lawrence Academy

Lawrence Academy’s head of school since 2012, Dan Scheibe grew up on the Wesleyan University campus in Middletown, Conn. He earned his BA in literature from Yale University and advanced degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and Wesleyan University. Dan has worked in independent schools as a teacher, coach, dorm head, and advisor for over 25 years, beginning at Jakarta International School. His first work in a residential environment was at Blair Academy, and he worked for more than a decade at Middlesex School immediately preceding his tenure at Lawrence Academy.

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