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Strength & Conditioning

My name is Michael Poulin and I am the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Lawrence Academy. I have been actively involved in this field for over twenty years and currently teach Physical Education at a charter school in NH. Over the past couple of years, LA was fortunate enough to receive funds to improve the Strength & Conditioning room to give our students the best possible training environment.

Strength & Conditioning Philosophy

Strength And Conditioning RoomAny good Strength & Conditioning program should be measurable, educational, safe, flexible, fun, and result oriented.  It first starts through positive relationship building and respect for oneself and the environment.  Teams or individuals are evaluated based on their strengths and weaknesses. Programs are then customized and adjusted to progressively overload the body and enhance individual performance. Teams should have a S&C program throughout their respective sport season to minimize injury and maintain as much strength as possible. Athletes should come away from any training regimen with a better understanding of themselves, mentally and physically. 

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