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Student Life

Quick pose during some Four Square on the Quad...

Step onto Lawrence Academy's campus, and it will not take you long to see and feel what makes our school different. Yes, you will be warmly welcomed; that is our way. But more importantly, from your first visit to your departure following graduation, you are respected for who you are and who you can become. It is a school that values and emphasizes integrity, trust, self-respect, and concern for the community as a whole.

Lawrence Academy stands out for its many opportunities—to develop in depth a special talent or skill, to discover and use your leadership abilities, and to take advantage of the school's cultural and social diversity. We provide the challenges and the support that encourage you to take constructive risks and to build self-confidence while contributing to the school community in ways you may never have imagined.

Transportation Options

Bus to LA


    • (1) Lexington, Harrington School, 328 Lowell Street 6:50 AM
    • (2) Alcott House Lexington Rd (AM) Concord, PM drop off at Rte. 2 at Crosby's Corner Mobil Station 7:10 AM
    • (3) Concord, Rte. 2 at Paparazzi Restaurant 7:20 AM
    • (4) Acton, Rte. 2A/119 at the Makaha Restaurant (AM) 7:25 AM
    • Note: PM drop-off is across the street at Donelan's
    • (1) Downtown Andover-across from the CVS 7:00 AM
    • (2) Route 133 intersection @ the Boston Sports Club 7:10 AM
    • Thursday, March 1st (last day of winter exams)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)
    • Monday, March 5th - Thursday, March 15th (Winterim)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)(IMPORTANT: SEE BELOW FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH)
    • Friday, March 16th (Winterim wrap-up night)(buses will depart campus at 6:30 PM)
    • Friday, May 25th (prom)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)
    • Friday, June 1st (graduation)(buses will depart campus at TBD)
    • Thursday, June 7th (last day of spring exams)(buses will depart campus at 4:30 PM)


  • Both bus lines arrive on campus at approximately 7:45 AM. The academic day starts at 8:00 AM.
  • Return departure from Lawrence Academy in the fall and spring is 6:30 PM (during the winter, the return is at 7:00 PM). The bus leaves from behind the dining hall.
  • Students who are not able to catch the evening bus due to an away game, late practice or other school commitment must arrange for their transportation that evening; bus service is not adjusted to accommodate late practices or games.

Day Student Life

One unique and prized characteristic of Lawrence Academy is that the student population is evenly divided between day students and boarding students, and between males and females.

Day students are welcome, free of charge, at all meals during the week and on weekends. They have their own lockers and mailboxes in the student lounge. Day students may remain on campus until the end of evening study hours, and they are always invited to join boarding students on weekend trips off campus. Day students and boarders are equally vested in extracurricular activities and student government, sharing leadership positions in both.

Although they don't sleep at school, day students certainly develop deep friendships with boarding students who come from a variety of backgrounds and places in the United States and the world. Day students invite boarders to spend the weekend, and boarders travel home with day students during vacations.

We remain committed to preserving this parity at Lawrence Academy, because there is no more powerful way in a boarding school to make all students feel equally important.

Residential Community

Dorm Life in Bigelow Hall

There are 10 dorms on Lawrence Academy's campus, four for boys and six for girls. Dorms range in size from 8 students to 44 students, giving students many different options during their time at LA.

Each dorm also serves as a residence for one to three faculty members (and their families). Teams of three to five faculty members supervise the dorms in a nightly rotation, and a dorm parent is in residence overnight at all times. These residential communities offer amenities such as coin-operated laundry (though some students opt to send their laundry out on a weekly basis) and common rooms with TVs, refrigerators, and comfortable seating.

Sunday night dorm meetings are a valuable opportunity for students and faculty members to create a "community within a community," enjoy some down-time together, discuss issues of interest to the dorm or the larger community, get organized for the week ahead, and-maybe most importantly-to enjoy snacks provided by dorm parents and dorm proctors. All boarding students who have signed out for the weekend are required to return to campus by 7:30 PM on Sunday nights in order to participate in this important weekly dorm commitment.

Dorm parents and dorm proctors often organize activities such as dinners off campus as a group, movies and snacks at a dorm parent's apartment or the common room, or cook-outs on fall and spring evenings. Throughout the year, our dorms vie for the honor of the highest GPA on campus. The winning dorm is announced at each term's all-school academic awards assembly and has a banner displayed prominently outside of the head of school's office.

Dorm Descriptions

Most rooms in Bigelow Hall are arranged in two-room suites with adjoining bathrooms.This unusual layout and central campus location makes Bigelow Hall highly sought after by our junior and senior girls. There are two faculty apartments in this dorm.

Originally the head of school's residence, Brazer House is a girls dorm which houses 14 girls. Due to its spacious double rooms and central campus location, Brazer is often listed as a top preference by our junior and senior girls. One faculty family resides in Brazer House.

Named after Dr. Samuel Green, an early benefactor of the school, Dr. Green houses 14 girls in doubles and singles. A spacious first floor common room and newly renovated bathrooms are hallmarks of this dorm. There are two faculty apartments.

Our newest dorm on campus, Elm Tree Hall was built in 2003. Elm Tree houses 44 boys in spacious singles, doubles and triples and is highly sought after by upperclassmen. Three faculty families reside in apartments attached to the dorm.

Built in 1908 by Francis Lawrence, Lawrence House began serving as a dormitory in the 1950s. Facing Bigelow Hall across Powderhouse Road, this dormitory is undergoing a major renovation during the 2016-17 school year.

Located on Main Street, Loomis House is home to 13 girls who live in doubles and singles. Loomis House has one first floor faculty residence.

With just four student rooms (a single, two doubles and a triple), all on one hallway, Pillsbury House is often preferred by our female students who value a small dorm experience. There is one faculty apartment on the first floor.

Our smallest boys dorm, housing eight boys in doubles, Prescott House lends itself well to students hoping for a small dorm experience. One faculty member and his family occupy the first floor faculty apartment.

Looking out onto the Quad and just steps away from the dining hall, Spaulding Hall is where most LA boys begin their boarding life at LA. Thirty-eight boys live in doubles, and two faculty members reside in apartments flanking the dorm hallways.

The oldest building on campus, Waters House often appeals to boys who are looking to live away from the center of campus. Nineteen boys occupy spacious singles, doubles and triples, with two faculty members and their families.

Weekends at LA

Weekend ActivitiesLawrence Academy provides four Long Weekends each year, allowing students to enjoy the opportunity to spend the weekend away from campus with friends or family.

For those students who choose to stay on campus for the duration of any or all of these weekends to enjoy some down-time in a familiar setting, our dorms remain open and are supervised by faculty members on duty.

Faculty members also lead trips off campus, ranging from large-group excursions into Boston to impromptu dinners and errand runs in nearby Ayer or Westford.

On-Campus Weekends

For three weekends every academic year, all boarding students stay on campus to enjoy the camraderie and events of the On-Campus Weekend.

One recent weekend was a great example of the spirit that results from students and faculty working together to make a memorable weekend.

The weekend kicked off with a silent film festival, organized by faculty member Doc Haman, followed by an all-school "decades" dance. Saturday evening started with a cook-out at the athletic center. Several student vocalists and musicans performed as openers for the headliner group, the folksy and bluesy Tin Can Tele.

As night fell, we gathered with the musicians, who by this time had "unplugged" and started taking requests, around a fire. Students who weren't as muscially-inclined had the option of foosball, air hockey and pool in the gym or watching playoff NHL hockey in the student lounge.

Sunday afternoon was low-key, with trips to Kimball's and the outlets, after which boarders gathered for our traditional family-style sit-down meal together in the dining hall. Desserts and dorm meetings back at the dorms concluded another successful on-campus weekend.

Meet the Office

Andrew Healey
Dean of Students

Kimberly Poulin
Assistant Dean of Students,
Community Service

Tanya Clark
Administrative Assistant to
Student Life

Health Services

The Frigoletto Family Health Center

Dana House was purchased by the school in 1836. This Georgian building was erected in 1783 by Judge Samuel Dana, which possibly makes it the only building on campus to predate the school's opening in 1793. It currently houses a faculty apartment upstairs and the Frigoletto Family Health and Counseling Center, which was established by a former student and his family.At Lawrence Academy, we believe that students must be healthy to learn most effectively, and they must learn about sound health practices in order to become fully functioning, productive members of today's society. The Frigoletto Family Health and Counseling Center, with its staff and programs, are therefore integral to the educational experience at LA. Please read the directions page carefully before downloading and completing health forms.

Health Forms

All health forms are now available online and must be submitted electronically through CareFlow. Please log into the Parent Portal.

Health Center Staff

Phone: 978-448-6670
Monday - Thurs, 7:45 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Friday 7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Lisa Nogueira-Fei, RN

Dining Services

Our Mission

We know that you have a lot on your mind: classes, homework, sports, club activities, grading papers, and coaching teams. So it is our mission to provide the students, faculty, and staff of Lawrence Academy the highest quality of food and service available.

We constantly try to find new and innovative products and services to fit the ever changing and dynamic environment of the school. To that extent, sustainability is built into our day to day operations in both menu items and recycling programs.

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