Student Life

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Lawrence Academy stands out for its many opportunities—to develop in-depth a special talent or skill, to discover and use your leadership abilities, and to take advantage of the school's cultural and social diversity. We provide the challenges and the support that encourage you to take constructive risks and to build self-confidence while contributing to the school community in ways you may never have imagined.

The Dining Hall

Residential Life at Lawrence Academy

A student’s fellow residents form another mini-community on campus, strengthening the feeling of camaraderie. Each dorm includes at least one faculty in residence, as well as student proctors, to provide care and leadership. Day students, too, are encouraged to get to know faculty members’ on-campus families and participate in the residential LA experience – that is, until it’s time to go to sleep at night.

Inside the dorm...

A full slate of on- and off-campus activities are available to Lawrence Academy’s boarders every weekend, and day students are welcome at all events as well, with no additional cost to any student.

Inside a dorm room.

Student clubs are required to run two weekend-activities per year, in addition to faculty-organized shuttles to nearby shopping areas, movie nights, trampoline park trips, dances, and more. Three times per year, Lawrence Academy hosts on-campus weekends, programmed with input from students.

Our Dorms and Residences

Our dorms...
Click here for an interactive map of our dorms and residences.

The Lawrence Academy Omnibus Program

Lawrence Academy students, like all 21st-century teenagers, are faced with sometimes-overwhelming realities as they discover themselves and learn their place in their local, national, and global communities. The Omnibus program is a non-academic space within the school day to discuss larger issues – life skills, study skills, and social and emotional topics – with the goal of helping students learn more about and process these issues in the comfort of a safe and open environment.

Omnibus discussion.

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