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Suggest individuals and teams for the Athletic Hall of Fame!

Criteria for Selection

  • Athletes/teams who are nominated should be (but are not required to be) graduates of LA who have been out of school for a minimum of ten years.
  • Selection will be based primarily on athletic accomplishments while at LA, but consideration will be given to subsequent achievement in athletics as well. All sports will be considered on an equal basis.
  • Coaches, teams, other school and community members, and athletes may be considered for membership into the Hall of Fame. Nominees not considered as athletes or coaches should have made profound contributions to the LA athletic program.
  • Posthumous candidates are to be considered on an equal basis with living candidates.

Current Athletic Hall of Fame Members:

Class of 2017

Harold Jackson ’57 - 1975 Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team - Tasha Taiste ’95 - Chris Spatola ’97

Class of 2016
1955 Varsity Football Team–Guillermo Cantu ’86–Jonathan Edwards ’91–Kristen Laggis Pedroli ’95–Patricia MacDougall White ’92

Class of 2015
1965 Tennis Team–Richmond Baker–Tori Wellington Hanna ’97–Craig MacDonald ’95
Bill Stewart ’39–Tony Voce ’00–Tom Warner ’75

Class of 2014
Ray “Scooter” MacLean ’32–Victor Heyliger ’33–Bill Flynn ’35–Norman Grant
David Jensen ’84–Cynthia Ryder Matthes ’84–Laurie Baker ’95

Tell us why you believe this person/team should be in the Hall of Fame.​​​​​

If you have web links, pdf's or other information you'd like to share about your nominee, please email Geoff Harlan.