Dear Alumni & Friends:

School's back from summer!

The new campus entryway is a sight to behold, winding up from Route 119 onto a drop-off circle and visitor parking by Dr. Green House and the Development House. The byway through the Quad has been closed to traffic, and the former parking areas across from the Schoolhouse have been seeded with grass. The campus is safer, quieter, and even more beautiful than you remember.

When I caught up with Head of School Dan Scheibe about the entryway, he compared the new landscape to the curriculum work LA has undertaken in the last two years, describing both as “site work, safety work, transcendent, elevating, raise-your-sights work." Please be sure to check out the entryway video HERE.

With big projects in motion on campus and in our program, LA's 224th year has kicked off with a total 397 students from 18 states and 21 different countries, and a split of 191 boarders and 206 day students. In other exciting physical plant news, Lawrence House, a girls' dorm, will be closed for renovations this year, which will result in an enhanced quality of experience for both faculty and students.

We hope to see you back on the hillside soon,

Rob Moore

Robinson Moore

Associate Head of School

BTW: LA’s over-one-hundred-year tradition of Mountain Day was held this past Monday on a classic New England September day and was once again a huge success! Check out this year's photo gallery HERE. We hope to see Boston-area alumni, parents, and parents of alumni at our gathering at the Hampshire House coming up on November 10 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Finally, be sure to sign up to get updates on LA happenings on social media: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Photos.

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