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Sports Medicine

The health and safety of all Spartan athletes is Lawrence Academy’s top priority.

Head Athletic Trainer Frank Mastrangelo tending to a student during a football game.
Coaches and athletic training staff provide students with the educational materials, customized programs, and guidance necessary to enhance individual performance and help each student-athletes better understand themselves, both mentally and physically.

Lawrence Academy’s athletic healthcare program encourages clear, direct communication among athletes, parents, coaches, and treating physicians, with the best interests of the student-athletes in mind. The school’s on-campus Athletic Training Room is a space for treatment, care, preventative assistance, and rehabilitation, while Lawrence Academy’s policies and procedures for athletic medical care provide protocols for the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of student-athletes’ injuries.

Meet the Team

Melinda Raboin

Melinda Raboin

Director of Health Services
Matthew Ferreira

Matthew Ferreira

Sr. Athletic Trainer
April Buchheit

April Buchheit

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Michael Poulin

Michael Poulin

Strength & Conditioning, Equipment Manager
Kymberly Winter

Kymberly Winter

Assistant Equipment Manager

Questions about Sports Medicine

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Lawrence Academy's Sports Medicine program. We're here to help!


Additional Personnel

Stephen L. Simpson, MD, PC
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Team Physician

Katelynn Catlado, NP
Concussion Consultant
Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center- Emerson Hospital

Health & Wellness

Lawrence Academy is unique in the fact that we have a licensed MD on staff in our Health Center as well as two licensed therapists who are available for our students anytime.

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Helpful Information

Crystal Fontas

Physical Therapy

Emerson Hospital’s Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies holds a Physical Therapy Facility License through the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure Board of Allied Health and provides individualized physical therapy services to Lawrence Academy students and faculty members on-site in the athletic training room.

Crystal Fontas, PT, DPT and Manager of Facilities Practice, has over 13 years of experience in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine and schedules individual PT sessions Monday through Thursday around student and faculty academic and athletic schedules. This is an insurance-based program and all billing for services is submitted to the patient’s health insurance company. A physician order for the physical therapy and completion of registration and health history paperwork is required prior to scheduling an evaluation. Any questions about this program can be directed to Crystal Fontas at

Dr. Fontas graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, with a Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology and a doctorate in physical therapy. She assisted in the development of the Spine Rehabilitation Program as well as community outreach programs for runners. Ms. Fontas has received specialized training in treating pregnant and postpartum conditions, is trained in oncology rehabilitation, and is a member of the Be Strong Cancer Care Team. She also provides sports rehabilitation to athletes at an area high school and coordinates the student program.

Campus Safety & Security

In order for each and every Lawrence Academy student to learn, live, and grow to their full potential, it is imperative that we provide a healthy and safe environment in which to do so. Therefore, students’ health and safety — as well that of our faculty, staff, and campus guests and visitors — is the top priority of our campus community. Click below to learn more about Campus Safety and protocols.