COVID Policies

In order to provide a safe environment for our community and for athletic competitions, Lawrence Academy has adopted the following COVID-19 protocols. Our policies have been determined with consideration of broader league guidelines both within and beyond the ISL as they have developed. These policies may be updated throughout the year as conditions warrant. 

Following school policy, all Lawrence Academy players, coaches, and athletics personnel are required to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus by October 1, 2021. Any individual whose vaccination is in process or who has been exempted from vaccination for medical or religious reasons is considered unvaccinated. The standard for an individual to be “fully vaccinated” is 2 weeks past a final dose (second dose for a two-dose regimen). 

Please Note: Unvaccinated players, coaches, and personnel, including those awaiting “fully vaccinated” status, face limitations in play or requirements in testing as described more fully below. Exemption from vaccination does not provide a broader exemption from school or league requirements. 

Sports Medicine

LA’s athletic healthcare program encourages clear, direct communication among athletes, parents, coaches, and treating physicians, with the best interests of the student-athletes in mind. Learn more...


  • Unvaccinated players, coaches, and athletic personnel must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test performed within 48 hours of an athletic competition to be able to participate in any game inside or outside the ISL. This is current ISL policy and has been accepted by all teams in the league as a minimum requirement.

Eligibility for Play

  • Certain league and non-league opponents may have more restrictive policies that do not allow unvaccinated players, coaches, or personnel to participate. In all cases, the more restrictive policy will govern for a given competition, whether home or away.

Face Covering

  • Players, coaches, personnel, and visitors must wear masks at all times inside of Lawrence Academy buildings. This includes spectator areas, playing areas for indoor sports, restrooms, and locker rooms. 
  • Masks are not required for visitors outdoors on campus. Spectators should allow comfortable distancing and avoid large, tightly packed groups. 
  • Unvaccinated players, coaches, and personnel may be required to mask during competition, based on agreed-upon policies between schools.

Indoor Facility Use

  • Home and visiting spectators may enter Lawrence Academy buildings to use restroom facilities. Indoor gathering or loitering is not allowed. Outdoor restroom facilities will be available for use as well. 
  • Food or drink may not be consumed indoors.

Away Games

  • Schools may have different policies than those in effect at Lawrence Academy, including prohibitions on unvaccinated spectators, required proof of vaccination to enter campus, or more strict regulations regarding access to campus buildings. 
  • Visiting spectators should consult the host school’s website for information about policies that may apply and expect that policies may change at any time during the season.

Lawrence Academy will work in coordination with the ISL and with both visiting and host schools throughout the season in the interests of good communication, clear expectations, and strong compliance. We ask that all community members follow all Lawrence Academy, league, and host school guidelines respectfully and completely.