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Visual Arts

In our visual arts classrooms, students discover and express what they think and feel about the world while learning to create meaningful works of art.

Creating original art requires a basic understanding of the principles of design, the development of creative skills, and the ability to transform ideas and feelings into visual images.
Student painting in one of LA's visual arts studios.

At Lawrence Academy, courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia/video encourage students to find their own “voice” — a unique artistic and intellectual identity — and to use it and their own experiences to create original art. Throughout their students, students develop the techniques necessary to communicate their ideas artistically.

Student Artwork

"After I took my second drawing class at LA, Ms. Mordeno (my teacher) asked me if I wanted to take Honors Art the next year. That was like a lot to take in because no one had really put that confidence in me as an artist - because of the support I got from the people here at Lawrence Academy, I'm doing more with my art than I could've ever imagined."
Kevin Weaver, Class of 2020
Scholastic Art Winners, 2021.

Being Recognized for their talent

In 2021, we congratulated these Spartans who received a Scholastic Art & Writing Award by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers: Calum Tinker '21 awarded a Gold Key for his painting 13 Awakenings, Kyle Soule '23 awarded a Gold & Silver Key for his two photographs Abandon Factory and Damn Holding More Art Than Water, and Yuki Sun '22 awarded a Silver Key for her digital art Sunken Paradise.

Meaningful Meandering

In 2020, Lawrence Academy presented a memorial exhibit; Meaningful Meandering, photographs by Luke Rogers ’09 taken during his travels to Africa between 2016-2019. In memory of Luke and in honor of his exhibition, please enjoy this photo gallery showing his work.

Student drawing in the Honors Art Studio.

Course Offerings

Want to see all our course offerings for arts at LA? Feel free to click here to check out our 2022-2023 Course Guide.