At Lawrence Academy students have the opportunity to learn about the world and about themselves by creating, performing, and studying music.

Through academic courses, extracurricular ensembles, and private lessons, Lawrence Academy’s young musicians have a variety of opportunities to learn about themselves and the world around them by creating, performing, and studying music. LA music students perform throughout the school year, during all-school assemblies, admissions events, and community service projects, as well as during the end-of-trimester Arts Week.

In 2022, the Lawrence Academy Singers, supervised by Director of Music Jenny Cooper, traveled to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall for the fourth time since 2014. LA students collaborate with peers from throughout the country for the opportunity to perform with a large choir during which they’re accompanied by a symphony orchestra. 

Lawrence Academy & Groton Hill Music Center

Indian Hill Music (IHM), our local community music school, will soon open a new educational and performance center in Groton in 2022 called the Groton Hill Music Center. The Music Center will feature a 1,000 seat concert hall, a 300 seat performance hall, rehearsal and teaching spaces, state of the art acoustics, dynamic architecture, and lawn seating for summer concerts.

This partnership is designed connect our instrumental students with the greater community through a chamber and orchestral music programs. Lawrence Academy instrumental music students who are serious about their studies can work at a high level with peers and teachers through the Groton Hill Music Center. 

Through a partnership with Groton Hill Music, Lawrence Academy students will be able to participate in the following: 

  • Weekly, year-long private lessons 

  • Orchestra or Chamber Music, weekly for the year 

  • Scheduled practice time at LA, which includes access to practice rooms 

Students could also engage in: 

  • Recitals 

  • Workshops or Trips 

  • Other courses and ensembles 

2019 Ensembles Concert
Mr. Scheibe watches on from the mezzanine as the LA Singers take the stage at Carnegie Hall.

Mr. Scheibe watches on from the mezzanine as the LA Singers take the stage at Carnegie Hall.

Professional Concert Series

Every year, Mrs. Cooper works to bring professional musicians to Lawrence Academy for an intimate performance in LA's Conant Gallery. These concerts are free and open to the local community. Learn more about our Professional Concert Series.


At Lawrence Academy:

  • High-level choral and vocal music
  • General music education

At Groton Hill Music:

  • Large ensembles
  • Expert private lessons

Alumni in the Arts

Lawrence Academy students use what they've learning in the arts program and apply those lessons later in life in their careers. Take a look at what our students have gone on to accomplish after life at LA.

"The teachers definitely recognized my potential, and they let me know that, too. They’re super observant: They would sit me down and ask how they could help."
Mickey Feeney, Class of 2019