Artists on Campus

2015: Sun Parade performs in the Conant Gallery.

Conant Gallery and Professional Performances

Students with Photographer Sally Eagle during her exhibition in the Conant Gallery.

In addition to student art exhibitions and performances, Lawrence Academy hosts a variety of visual

art exhibits and musical concerts each year. There are three exhibits in the Conant Gallery each academic year; recent exhibitions have included photography, sculptures, paintings, and faculty work. Exhibited artists typically spend a day as an artist-in-residence on campus, meeting with students and teaching classes, following their exhibit’s opening. 

Lawrence Academy also hosts three professional music performances each year, with artists from a wide variety of genres. These performances are open to all; music students , faculty and their families, and the larger Groton Community. 

Past Exhibits and Performances

Interested in having your art on display

Are you an artist looking for have our work on display in Lawrence Academy's Conant Gallery? Reach out to our director/curator Laurie McGowan for more information.