Lawrence Academy is passionate about and committed to the arts as an academic pursuit. 

Lawrence Academy’s arts program is a welcoming, inclusive, and imaginative environment that fosters curiosity and creativity. Through their arts studies, students will learn both the creative skills needed to express themselves and the technical skills needed to communicate their vision effectively. They’ll work with integrity, independence, and an open mind, developing an awareness of both themselves and the world around them.
"Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, it’s worth being a part of the arts here. If you push your boundaries, you’re going to create awesome memories and have amazing experiences."
Mia Gage, Class of 2020
Those who enter Lawrence Academy for ninth grade will complete two years’ worth of arts courses, including Artistic Expression, a year-long class; students enrolling after ninth grade must take one term course for each year they’re at LA. Courses in the arts are available in all disciplines, visual art, dance, music and theater. Students are encouraged to both pursue a broad exploration of several disciplines or study a passion in depth.
Each term culminates in Arts Week, a multi-day celebration of Lawrence Academy’s student artists. A visual arts exhibit, theatre production, music concerts, and dance performance give students the opportunity to proudly share their creative work for the school community.

Questions about our Arts Program?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the arts at LA. We're here to help!


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