Why Choose LA

There is no one standard Lawrence Academy experience because there's no one standard LA student.

As our motto, Omnibus Lucet, says: The light shines for all.

At Lawrence Academy, each and every student is at the center of what happens on campus. Our faculty and staff endeavor to understand and challenge all students. They are constantly refining our programs and their teaching methods to create dynamic classroom experiences and achieve that goal of individualized teaching and learning.

Seasons at LA

Students, meanwhile, are encouraged to own their education and take risks in their academic and co-curricular choices. In the classroom, through extracurricular activities, and as advisors, faculty strive to foster exceptional connections so students know that the rest of the LA community is there to support them as they discover themselves.

Although Lawrence Academy is a private institution, we are not an insular one. We are committed to creating and maintaining a healthy, safe, and equitable environment in which all are valued and loved just as they are because that deliberate cultivation of a welcoming, compassionate, and empathetic culture in which students can learn from their peers’ varied life experiences is key to their success and well being.

The high school experience is not only about knowing who you are and learning who you want to become, however: It’s about discovering and harnessing your passions and purposes. Therefore, everything we do at Lawrence Academy is with the long-term aim of empowering our students to take action for the greater good, both during their time on the elm-tree shaded hillside and well beyond graduation.

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"It's a place that's going to push you outside of your comfort zone and you're going to be provided with so many opportunities that you never thought you would have."

Mia Gage, Class of 2020

What Will You Do at LA?

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