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Tour Guides (Elm Tree Society)

The Elm Tree Society is made up of a select group of tour guides who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping the Admissions Office. This may include representing the school at the Fall Open House, In-Home Receptions, or various other admissions events during the year. An Elm Tree Society member has also proven themselves as a consistent and reliable tour guide who is confident, well spoken and poised. Members of Elm Tree vote new members into the Society each spring.

Guide Posts

A series of blog posts highlighting the LA experience written by our lead tour guides at Lawrence Academy.
The College Counseling Process at LA

While many students will not officially meet with their college counselor until junior year, most of us already know them as teachers, coaches, dorm parents, and advisors. The fact that our counselors are more than just college experts is extremely helpful when working on a list of prospective colleges.

Leadership Opportunities at LA
Here at Lawrence Academy, I am a part of the Elm tree society, JV volleyball, the theater program, and a leader of Club 1899. Today, I have been given the opportunity to talk about leadership opportunities for students at LA.


Learning Support  at Lawrence Academy
As a student at Lawrence Academy, I have been a part of the learning coaching program since the beginning of my freshman year and continue to be part of the program.

Meet the Elm Tree Society

Elm Tree Society

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