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Lawrence Academy is a coeducational independent boarding school for students in grades nine through 12.

Located in Groton, Massachusetts, LA’s mission is to be highly skilled at recognizing our students for who they are, inspiring them to take responsibility for who they want to become, and empowering them to take action for the greater good.

Lawrence Academy is home to 400 boarding and day students. The school prides itself on its warm, welcoming, and compassionate culture, and focuses on individualized learning and empowerment as cornerstones for each student’s academic and extracurricular achievement.
"The feeling of being a Lawrence Academy student is kind of a feeling that you're more than a student and you're more than an athlete. You're more than an artist. You're more than just one member of a community. And you know, that you're part of something that's a little bit bigger than you, but you know, you're not lost in that."
Kevin Weaver, Class of 2020
Our highly committed faculty are skilled at “teaching for understanding,” which requires innovative approaches to helping students learn in the ways that are best suited to their particular talents and needs. Through our daily advisory program, our faculty are able to assess each student’s interests and passions, and help them build pathways to suit their individual goals and aspirations.
Our goal is to see each student grow in knowledge, confidence, and empathy, and to prepare them to make meaningful contributions to the world after graduation. Within Lawrence Academy's rigorous, but healthy learning environment, we prepare our students to graduate as well-developed individuals with a mission and a passion for that purpose.

Let our office be your resource as you enter the independent school admissions process to find the best high school for you. Peruse our viewbook, explore our website, or connect with a current student or parent; there are so many ways to gain knowledge about Lawrence Academy. In the meantime, please fill out our online inquiry form, and navigate to our "Schedule Your Visit" page to set up your in-person or virtual visit with Lawrence Academy.

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