Some of the most important learning that Lawrence Academy students will do takes place outside of the classroom.

For more than five decades, Lawrence Academy has embraced the idea of experiential education through Winterim.
A two-week mini-term in March, Winterim is a central feature of LA’s educational program, breaking students out of their normal routines and groups and encouraging them to open their minds, bodies, and hearts to new experiences and relationships.

For some, Winterim is a fun, and eye-opening experience; for others, a Winterim program will end up influencing their chosen path of study in college or their future career.

"The students and the teachers alike seemed extremely grateful that we were there [at the Mariposa Foundation] to help them, and I felt the same in return. It’s something special to be part of a community that cares so much about the betterment of the world and encourages its students to be good people."

Matt Noel, Class of 2019

Roughly 44 highly immersive and intensely focused Winterim options are offered each year, with each course falling into one of five areas: cultural immersion, academic field study, service learning, crafts and skills, or outdoor adventure. Students can stay on campus and in the Groton area or venture out of state – or even out of the country – and are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse areas of study and explore a variety of options throughout their time at Lawrence Academy.

Winterim Photo Gallery

At LA, Winterim has a wide variety of different programs ranging from building your own canoe to studying the environment in the Galapagos. Click here to view a photo gallery from a past year of Winterim at Lawrence Academy.


Sample Winterim Program

Lawrence Academy requires all students to participate in Winterim each year they are enrolled at the school; via a lottery system, seniors and juniors receive their assignments first, with underclassmen selecting their courses from the remaining spots. Financial aid is available. Students receive a grade of Pass or Fail for their Winterim courses, based on the method of evaluation specified for their chosen course.

Winterim Spotlight

During Winterim 2023, one of our travel programs brought a group of students to the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Kyle Soule '23 was amongst the group and if you know Kyle, you'll know that he is a talented photographer and as soon as he found out he was going to be on this trip, he couldn't wait for the opportunity to use his skills to photograph one of the most beautiful national parks in the country.

Read more about Kyle and his trip below and see some of the photos he took.

Kyle's Photos from Wyoming