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Lawrence Academy recognizes that everyone learns differently and has unique academic passions and needs.

One way that  Lawrence Academy fulfills its mission of recognizing, inspiring, supporting and empowering its students is through our Learning Support program. At Lawrence we understand that everyone learns differently and we celebrate our community of diverse learners. Since 2005, LA has offered a Learning Support program to help students acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the LA classroom. This could include students with a recognized learning difference (approximately 25 percent of our population) or others that would benefit from the program.

"My learning coach has instilled confidence in me with organization, efficiency in completing assignments, and her warmth helps me stand tall in the LA community. A coach will always be there in moments of doubt."

Bridget Walter, Class of 2020

LA's Learning Support program offers one-on-one sessions with a learning coach. Coaches are full or part time members of the faculty that are fully integrated into the academic program. Coaching sessions occur, either once or twice per week depending on student need. These sessions are designed to assess specific student needs and teach them strategies that they can apply in the context of the student’s coursework to become independent learners. Typical skills that coaches work on with students include:

  • help with understanding directions and expectations
  • organization of materials and digital files
  • planning of assignments
  • time management
  • reading comprehension strategies
  • writing skills
  • study skills
  • self-advocacy skills

Learning Support is meant to be transitional and lead to independence; the goal of the program is to have students work their way out of the program through demonstrated success.  For further information about the specifics of Learning Support, including accommodations, fees, and required documentation, please see the buttons on this page.

Costs for Learning Support 2022-2023

Term Once per week (on average) Twice per week (on average)
Fall Term (10 weeks) $1,250 $2,500
Winter Term (12 weeks) $1,375 $2,750
Spring Term (10 weeks) $1,250 $2,500

Meet the Team

Christine Torigian

Christine Torigian

Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs, Director of Learning Support
Kimberly Poulin

Kimberly Poulin

Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Community Engagement
John Mohrbacher

John Mohrbacher

Learning Coach
Natasha Huggins

Natasha Huggins

History, Learning Coach
Katherine Engstrom

Katherine Engstrom

English Teacher, Learning Coach
Mia Ritter

Mia Ritter

Associate Director of College Counseling and Testing Coordinator

How can we help?

Do you have questions about our Learning Support program? No problem! Please reach out to our Academic Office for assistance.

Email: academics@lacademy.edu

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