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Through their courses of study, our teachers train students how to think – not what to think.

At Lawrence Academy, students are not only asked to learn facts and retain knowledge, they’re also encouraged to do the work of artists, historians, linguists, mathematicians, and scientists.
Throughout their time at LA, students study the traditional high school subjects — art, English, foreign language, history, math, and science — and will graduate having picked up important skills and with knowledge of key tenants within each subject. However, under the guidance of faculty, how they learn those skills and tenants is largely up to them.
Lawrence Academy teachers get to know their students’ learning styles to understand how to best teach them, and learning is a collaborative process. Within LA’s classrooms, students are often using hands-on, research-based methods to master material.
I have never felt confident in math, but at Lawrence Academy, I was quickly shown that there is nothing to be scared of. Every teacher wants you to succeed, and they will sit with you day and night until you feel comfortable with the material. I love how I can go to my teacher with a question and they will do everything to make sure I leave understanding the material.
Megan Beran, Class of 2020


Judith French Poetry Recitation Competition

Judith French Poetry Recitation Competition
Each year, Lawrence Academy’s juniors participate in the three-round Judith French Poetry Recitation. Students select a poem to recite, first in front of their English classmates, then, if selected, in a class-wide semi-final. Nine or 10 juniors are then selected for the honor of reciting their poems in front of the entire student body, and a recitation competition champion is crowned.

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Students dissecting a reptile in Science class.

Serving the Community

Helping others is an ongoing act of community citizenship, not something you do once and consider it done. It's just that, which we hope to instill in our students during their time on campus. Learn more about Community Service at Lawrence Academy.

Students presenting to each other in Spanish class.

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