College Counseling

Lawrence Academy’s focus on student-centered learning extends to the college application process.

Our experienced team of college counselors are also teachers, coaches, dormitory parents, and advisors, allowing them to get to know the students authentically and personally, as people, learners, and members of the school community, so they can tailor each student’s list of prospective colleges based on individual academic, extracurricular, and personal needs. The ultimate goal is to ensure that LA graduates matriculate at colleges and universities that reflect their unique priorities, personalities, and academic and career goals.
In the fall term of their junior year, students select their college counselors and begin to focus more intensely on the process of applying to college. One-on-one meetings and a well-developed college application-focused curriculum, including twice-per-month college counseling classes, help juniors identify colleges that fit their academic, extracurricular, and personal needs and understand which school environments will best serve them as people and learners. Seniors continue to work with their college counselors and attend college counseling classes in the fall, when they complete and send their college applications.
While the college application process is a big part of junior and senior year, it is also important for ninth and 10th grade students to be aware of what lies ahead. Therefore, the College Counseling Office holds class meetings with the ninth and 10th grades to highlight the importance of their grades and involvement in the life of the school.

The College Counseling Office collaborates closely with parents, too, during the college application process. Monthly College Counseling Office updates keep parents informed about important, grade-specific details of the application process, while college admissions panels, finance workshops, and informal meetings are also held to educate parents and students on the process.

Four-year College Counseling Timetable


Resources for College Admissions Officers

We welcome our colleagues from college admissions to campus. Below is a list of resources that we hope will help make your visit more enjoyable.

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Fun Fact

92% of Lawrence Academy students got into one of their top 3 college choices.

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Questions about College Counseling?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the college counseling process here at Lawrence Academy.

Phone: 978-448-1556

Meet the Team

Sean Sheehan

Sean Sheehan

Class of 1987
Director of College Counseling, History
Mia Ritter

Mia Ritter

Associate Director of College Counseling and Testing Coordinator
Chris Margraf

Chris Margraf

Assistant Director of College Counseling, Mathematics
Marcelle  Barker

Marcelle Barker

College Office Assistant
Kimberly Bohlin Healy

Kimberly Bohlin Healy

Director of Athletic Programming, Associate Director of College Counseling

Learn more as Director of College Counseling Sean Sheehan '87 speaks about the college process at LA.

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