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Through its academic program, LA lives its mission to recognize students for who they are and inspire them to take responsibility for who they want to become.

That student-centered, individualized approach to teaching and learning is an essential part of an LA education.

Lawrence Academy’s faculty teach students how to think, not what to think: they’re focused on helping students develop essential skills that will help them be successful, both in learning and in life in general, not just learn facts. To help each and every student be successful, teachers are constantly assessing students’ interests and needs, and adapting to them, creating exceptional connections in the process.
Ms. Collins working with a student during math class.

"At my old school, we were always instructed to do things, we were never talked to. Here, we’re having a conversation with our teacher, and we’re using our knowledge and theirs and the kind of things we’re interested in to learn."

Emma Anane, Class of 2021

The LA community is dedicated to creating a culture that is warm, welcoming, and compassionate, while also providing an equal balance of support and challenge for all students. It’s that sense and style of community that offers students the emotional space to get through the challenges they’ll face as learners and maturing young adults.

Lawrence Academy’s goal is to see students grow in knowledge, confidence, and empathy, and faculty act as guides in this process by adjusting to meet the needs of individuals. Students graduate as well-developed individuals who are resilient, respectful, curious, and engaged, with a passion-driven purpose and an ability to advocate for themselves, both in and outside of the classroom.

Meet the Team

Libby Margraf

Libby Margraf

Assistant Head for School Life
Peter Hess

Peter Hess

Dean of Academics
Christine Torigian

Christine Torigian

Assistant Dean of Academics, Director of Learning Support

Learn More about Learning Support

Lawrence Academy is proud of our Learning Support program and what it offers to students who might need a little extra help. Check out our Learning Support page to learn more!