Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are, inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become, supports you as you learn, and empowers you to take action for the greater good.

Our Vision

A transformative education arises from a just community grounded in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.


Recognize the distinctive qualities of each student and provide opportunities for growth;

Inspire intellectual curiosity, commitment to learning and knowledge, and student leadership;

Support students through teaching practices focused on who they are, how they learn, and what they experience socially and emotionally;

Empower students to exercise their strengths, elevate others, and contribute to the world.

Lawrence Academy seeks to encourage the voice of every community member and invites a spirit of education as a means of celebrating diversity, acknowledging each individual’s unique qualities regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, ability, religious affiliation, and political views.

Our motto is...

Omnibus Lucet:
The light shines for all.

Taking Action for the Greater Good

Lawrence Academy Spartans give back every year through our community service requirement. To learn more about how our students contribute to the betterment of our local communities by visiting our Community Service page.