This week at Lawrence Academy: May 8, 2022


Tomorrow, Monday, May 9, is a Head's Holiday - NO CLASSES TOMORROW!


Academic Office

Midterm grades and comments are now available in the portals

As always, we remind you that report cards and bi-weekly teacher comments are not maintained beyond the end of the academic year, so please download these if you wish to keep them.

Last week 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students worked with their advisors to make course requests for the 2022-23 academic year.

  • You can now see your child’s Course Request document in the Parent Portal: on your homepage, scroll all the way down the page to "My Children" and click on the "Links" tab. There, click the link for “Course Requests.”
  • The Course Request document shows your student’s course preferences for next year; please note that this not a final list of what they will be taking.
  • When an elective course has been requested, you will also see a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice (“priority”). We try to give students their first choice electives, but it is not always possible due to schedule constraints. Note that the designation “Not specified” means the same as “1st priority.”
  • Please direct any questions you have about your child’s course requests, to their advisor.

We expect to share the “Course Enrollments” document in the parent and student portals in mid/late July; this will list the courses in which your child will be enrolled in the 2022-2023 academic year. The actual class schedule (teacher, room, block) will be provided at registration, just before school begins.


College Counseling

Class of 2023 Information

We will host our next webinar on Tuesday, May 10 at 7:00 PM. You can register for the webinar by clicking HERE. We will be discussing, the summer to-do list, application responsibilities for students, application responsibilities for Lawrence Academy, the personal statement (Essay), the Common Application, and useful features on College Kickstart. If you have any topics that you would like to see discussed, you can email Sean Sheehan. We will be recording the webinar and we will send out a link for the recording a few days after the webinar.


Grandparents & Special Guest Day

We look forward to welcoming Grandparents and Special Friends to campus on Wednesday, May 11
To help the day go smoothly, please remind your LA student to meet their grandparent or special friend under the Quad tent that morning at 10:45 AM.
To see the day’s agenda, click GRANDPARENTS & SPECIAL FRIENDS DAY.


Community Conversations

Join Us on May 11...


Click to Register for our Spring Term: Community Conversations


Umoja Book Club

Tonight: Reading Meg Medina

Click the picture below to download the PDF about the Umoja Book Club.



2022 Senior Prom

Seniors received an email a week ago with the details for Prom!

An RSVP from every senior is due by Monday, May 9. ALL Seniors are invited and encouraged to attend prom at Gibbet Hill Barn with or without a guest – your tickets are covered by LA!  This is your final event together as a class. Do not miss it!

Guests are allowed. They must be a sophomore, junior or senior in high school and they will be required to complete a registration and school certification form. Guest tickets will be $125. The tux company will be on campus on 5/10 and 5/17 during lunch (Check, cash or credit card is needed to order a tux).

Community Service

Taking Action for the Greater Good

A small group of LA students joined the Spartan Team, fundraised and walked a 5-mile route around LA and Groton to support Project Bread’s annual Walk for Hunger. They reached the team’s goal of raising $1,000.

Click here to "Take Action for the Greater Good..."

PLAY Baseball, BAKE for CS Concessions, HELP at a car wash, PAINT a ceiling tile – all the ways you can give back, meet others, and have fun (and, of course, meet the 6-hour CS requirement).

Green Bag Collection: Pick up green bags to donate and earn CS hours! The last Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry food drop-off is the last week of the school year. The final day for drop-off is June 9, in the student lounge. Let’s make this collection the largest yet! Green Bags to fill are available from Mrs. Clark.

Remember: 2 bags = 1 hour
Two hours max for food donations as CS hours

LA’s community service requirement is six hours per year, every year of attendance (Note: we do not accept summer hours to satisfy our small 6-hour requirement) Students should ask their advisors to look up what we have on file for their community service.

Community Service Concessions

Concessions sold at LA sporting events support community service projects that students have chosen to do.  Rise Against Hunger often sponsored most of these tables, we’ve made a transition to call the tables “CS Concessions” so the proceeds can be used for more than just the RAH meal packaging event. We do not donate the money – students use the money to buy what they need to DO something for an organization. For example, we buy blanket material to create blankets for the homeless, food to make meals or desserts for community meals, materials to build beds for kids and supplies to package meals. So if you need a snack while at an athletic game and you see a table being run by students stop by to help LA students Take Action for the Greater Good!