Life of a Day Student at LA
By Liv Ristaino '23

Hi there! My name is Liv Ristaino and I am a junior day student at Lawrence Academy.

As a day student at Lawrence Academy, I am able to experience all of the benefits of living at home while still being able to fully immerse myself in the school’s culture. I genuinely don’t notice any difference between myself and a boarding student other than the fact that I leave school at the end of every day.


Though I do have to wake up fairly early every day, I quite enjoy the ride to school. It gives me time to prepare for the day ahead of me. As I walk through the quad, I'm greeted with the friendly faces of my classmates and faculty, all moving about to get to their different destinations, sometimes running into friends and walking to class together.

At the end of every day, I am almost always greeted with the gorgeous Groton sunset from atop our hill. Often I will spend my dinners at school as well, laughing with friends. As we decompress, we share fun stories from the school day. When I get home, I'll spend some time with my family before starting my homework. As a day student, I am able to spend my days at school with some of my closest friends while still being able to spend the nights with my family and enjoy the comfort of my own home.

Over the weekends, there are so many activities and opportunities available for both day and boarding students to take part in. There are always fun trips, movie showings, community service opportunities, and much more. These activities have proven themselves to be quite crucial to me and blur the lines between day and boarding students, allowing me to become even closer with friends of both demographics.

Thank you for reading!