Student Stories: Meet Shelby

Student Stories: Meet Shelby
Lawrence Academy has both big, bustling dormitories and smaller, quieter residences, and Shelby has lived in both. The Nashua, N.H., native appreciates the variety of rooming options on campus, and the support systems within them.
“We have a lot of awesome dorm proctors, who are basically high school RAs and a line of support for anyone who needs help or has any questions,” Shelby explains. Additionally, as dorm parents, faculty members and their families live in the dorms and help create a tight-knit, supportive community.
Shelby Richards '22 and Brooke Ahern '22

“A lot of the teachers I’ve had as dorm parents, I’m still friends with now,” Shelby continues; in fact, when one of Shelby’s previous dorm parents had a baby, the students living in the dorm helped welcome the newly expanded family home. She’s enjoyed watching the child grow up on campus, too.

“It’s very important that if you are going through anything, you know that there are people literally in the dorm for your support,” Shelby shares.
When Shelby was selecting a high school, she noticed the “freedom” on the Lawrence Academy campus. The atmosphere is “really relaxed and chill,” and both as a prospective student and now as an admissions tour guide, she sees how everyone on campus is eager to welcome new people to the community.
Student cheer section during a Varsity Boys' Soccer home game.

“There’s a lot of mingling between the day and boarding students, which is awesome, ‘cause I feel like a lot of schools don’t have that,” Shelby reflects. She’s spent weekends at friends’ homes, and seen other boarders go home with friends and classmates for holidays; she’s also gotten to know her friends’ parents and families because guests are always welcome on campus and at school events.

“It’s kind of awesome to see the relationships you build over the years, and how many kids take others in if they can’t go home for the holidays,” Shelby shares. “And I think it’s really awesome to see parents in the stands at events.”