Student Stories: Meet CJ

Student Stories: Meet CJ
Groton native CJ is on campus about as much as he is at home during the school week. Despite being a day student, he spends 10-12 hours each day at Lawrence Academy.
“Going into my freshman year, I was extremely, extremely nervous,” CJ admits, “but it took maybe a day to adjust. From there, it felt natural to be on campus. It’s definitely an open and welcoming community where I’m perfectly fine staying 12 hours a day.”
CJ Schuster posing with his sister Abby during her JV hockey game.

CJ starts each school day with breakfast in the dining hall with his friends; in fact, he generally eats all three meals on campus, staying past afternoon activities for dinner and then to work on homework in the library. “It’s a place where you can get a lot of work done before you go home,” he says, while the student lounge is a perfect spot “to hang out and decompress.”

On Fridays, CJ sticks around for sporting events, and on Saturdays, he comes back to campus to participate in a variety of weekend activities. His friends are both fellow day students and boarding students; because there’s an even number of each and because on-campus activities are open to all, “I don’t really feel that divide,” he says.