My Academic Experience

My Academic Experience
By Maggie Lavoie ’24
My academic experience at LA has been incredible.
In my freshman year, I took an English class called "The Journey." My teacher was Mrs. Moore; she helped me in so many ways to become a better writer. If I ever needed help outside of class, she was always willing to meet with me.
That same year, I also took a physics class with Mr. Hawgood. I have never been in a more interesting, hands-on course. I got to run different kinds of immersive trials and experiments, which made learning more fun, and I found the class fascinating.

During my sophomore year, the classes I took got slightly more challenging. That did not change the fact that whenever I was confused about any material, all the teachers were willing to meet outside class and go over it.

That second year, another favorite classes was "Conflict and Change in Society" with Mr. Moyo. I enjoyed this class because we learned about the world and how it has changed over time. Mr. Moyo was also great and would meet outside class if I needed help with material and was excellent at explaining concepts in depth.

Another class I enjoyed was my sophomore-year English class. My teacher was Mrs. Smith, and we read books in class such as The Bean Trees, The Odyssey, and Fahrenheit 451. After we did our reading homework, we discussed what we read in class. It was helpful to hear different thoughts and opinions on the book and develop our essays more thoroughly.

I am now in my Junior year, and I am taking four honors classes as well as two others. Though my honors classes are challenging, they are all intriguing, and I feel that I am learning more than I have in the past. My favorite honors class I am taking is "Honors U.S. History" with Mr. Wixted. He genuinely loves what he does and makes learning about history much more interesting than I have found in previous experiences. Though it is an honors class, and we are moving relatively fast, it is not hard to keep up because Mr. Wixted is such an excellent lecturer and teacher.

Another class I am taking this year that has challenged me is "Honors Spanish III." This class represented a significant change from my Spanish II class. And, when I started the year, I was nervous about how the class would go. Nevertheless, my teacher, Mrs. Mastrangelo, is fantastic, and I was able to catch up in class quickly.

One last thing I love about LA academics is office hours. This is a 45-minute block every day of the week dedicated to meeting with your teachers. Therefore, office hours are the perfect time to review for a test or go over some material you don’t understand.

Overall, my academic experience at LA so far has been remarkable. The classes are intriguing, the teachers are phenomenal, and the experience is terrific.