Learning Support at Lawrence Academy
By Connor McLaughlin '23
Hi everyone, my name is Connor McLaughlin and I am a junior day student from Lincoln, Mass.
Here at Lawrence Academy, I am a part of the Elm Tree Society, the varsity golf team, and a co-leader of the "World Topics" discussion club. As a student at Lawrence Academy, I have been a part of the learning coaching program since the beginning of my freshman year and continue to be part of the program.
In today's blog post, I would like to share a couple of my favorite aspects about LA's learning coaching program with prospective Spartans and their families.
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No. 1: The seamless fit of learning coaching into your schedule    

My favorite part of the learning coaching program is that it is built around the student's schedules during the academic day. Students typically meet with their learning coach once or twice a week, and they use half of their free blocks to meet with their learning coach one-on-one. Because my learning coaching is built into my schedule, it allows me to not feel singled out from anyone else. I can meet with my learning coach and get the help I need during the academic day and still get to experience extracurricular activities and community events.
Not having to miss out on the special aspects of high school is my favorite part of the learning coaching program and is what really placed Lawrence Academy above other schools for me. Lawrence Academy's learning coaching program gives me the support I need to be a successful student while allowing me to participate fully in all the extracurricular offers the school provides. Learning support programs at many other schools were not as accommodating and came at the expense of other activities. This made it clear to me that Lawrence Academy was the best fit for me as a high school student. 

No. 2: Learning support at LA is customized to your needs 

Another favorite aspect of learning coaching is that my learning coach is there to help me with my specific academic needs. The purpose of learning coaching is to help students with their specific areas of needed assistance in order to help us become the most efficient and independent students. Students meet with a learning coach one-on-one, allowing the student and the learning coach to work diligently and efficiently, while also forming a level of comfort between the learning coach and student. This comfort level has allowed me to be more straightforward and clear about what I need help with and allows me to use my time efficiently as well as be diligent with my work.
Whether I need help editing a term paper or planning out assignments, I always know that my learning coach is there to assist me in any academic situation, allowing me to grow as a student and keep pushing myself to achieve my goals. It would be a lot harder to achieve my goals and strive as a Lawrence Academy student without the support and guidance I get from learning coaching.
Thank you for reading my blog! I hope to see you grow as a student like me with the assistance of the learning coaching program.