Lawrence Academy Cum Laude Day Awards Announced

Lawrence Academy Cum Laude Day Awards Announced


LA lauded community members’ achievements on April 24


A quick Google search tells us the Latin phrase “cum laude” means “with praise” or “with honor.” Of course, plenty of each noun was on display in the Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center (RMPAC) as Lawrence Academy celebrated the achievements of community members on Monday, April 24, 2023.



However, even before the official ceremony on Monday afternoon, Language Chair Mark Mucha announced LA’s National Latin Awards winners during Monday morning assembly.


Mr. Mucha hands out Latin awards post assembly.


Cum Laude

Lucy White

Sophia Widmayer

Henry Rodman

Abigale Moran

Erin Sheehan


Magna Cum Laude

Zheyuan Xing

Caden Li

Sophia Gutierrez Ballester

Tanner Weiss

Theodore Baern

Paula Brinkmann

Amber Banks


Maxima Cum Laude (Silver)

Sergei Leonov


Summa Cum Laude (Gold)

Kwanfong Zhang

Angelina Feng

Abbie Webster

Nunzio (Max) Domilici


Meanwhile, Head of School Dan Scheibe announced Bhavya Sharma ’23 and Charlotte Lokere ’23 as LA’s National Merit Scholarship Competition finalist and semi-finalist, respectively.


Later that day, in a school day-ending all community assembly, many more found students their way onto the roster of plaudits as exclamatory applause punctuated the relative quiet of the RMPAC.



Several rising juniors joined the Cum Laude Society:

Anna Gregory

Erin Sheehan

Lucy Ting

Joshua (Josh) White

Yongxi (Ray) Zhang

(Emma) Zhou


Then, LA recognized the ten seniors inducted last spring:

Amber Banks

Jenna Gagnon

Alexandra (Alex) Kelly

Sergei Leonov

Rachel Leung

Charlotte Lokere

Abigale Moran

Morgan Schultz

Bhavya Sharma

Hamilton (Ham) Swartwood


Subsequently, the Society added ten additional members of the Class of 2023:

Paula Brinckmann

John (Jack) Carolan

Hannah Gidlewski

Gabriel (Gael) La O

Yijia (Ella) Luo

Katelyn Michals

Abigail (Abby) Remis

Julia Schuster

Phoebe Wachira

Tegan Young

Zhekai (Andy) Yu


Classroom and extracurricular achievements took center stage as the following students earned departmental awards.




Ketan Gordon, The Class of 1965 Prize for Music 

Olivia Ristaino, The Class of 1965 Prize for Dance

Alexandra Kelly, The Class of 1965 Prize for Dance

Abigail Remis, The Class of 1965 Prize for Theatre

Alexander Kirby, The Class of 1965 Prize for Theatre

Kyle Soule, The Class of 1965 Prize for Art   

Cherriesa Curtin, The Class of 1965 Prize for Art   

Olivia Ristaino, The Class of 1965 Prize for Art   


Communications - The Francis A. Head Award for Excellence in Journalism   

Nico DeLeo

Zihan Zhou

Janna Hindawi



Isabelle LeStage, The Brown Book Award    

Makomborero Muvirimi, The Brown Book Award  

Madeline Gibson, The Brown Book Award  

Alexander Kirby, The Eleanor and Cameron Smith Poetry Prize   

John O’Connell, The Ninth Grade Book Prize for English   

Mackenzie Ribner, The May Sarton Poetry Prize   

Phoebe Wachira, The Thompson English Prize   

John Carolan, The Anne and David Rosenthal Prize for Literary Appreciation   


History - The History and Social Sciences Award   

Hamilton Swartwood  

Bhavya Sharma



Janayah Body, The Language Prize - Chinese   

Driscoll Rodman, The Language Prize - French   

Caelen Jahnle, The Language Prize - Latin   

Paula Brinckmann, The Language Prize - Latin   

Alexandra Kelly, The Language Prize - Spanish   



Sergei Leonov, The Holmes Prize   

Riko Uchiyama, The Mansfield Branigan Memorial Prize   

Zhekai Yu, The Tower Mathematics Prize   



Joshua White, The Rensselaer Mathematics and Science Award     



Lucy Ting, The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Medal   


Student Government

Joshua White, 1957 Award (as voted by senior student leaders)   


The school also divulged the complete list of 2023’s Prize-winners:



The Margaret Price White Award - Given by Robert F. White ’40 in honor and memory of his wife, Margaret Price White; the award is presented to a member of the 10th-grade class whose motivation, work ethic, and attitude toward all areas of school life have quietly and unassumingly earned the respect of the faculty. Dawit Hawgood


The Carl A. P. Lawrence Award - Established by Mrs. Lucy W. Lawrence in memory of her husband, Carl, an alumnus of the Class of 1910, trustee from 1954 until he died in 1972, and lifelong benefactor of Lawrence Academy; awarded annually to that member of the junior class whose achievements in all areas of school life demonstrate competence, loyalty, and concern for others, qualities that earned Mr. Lawrence the respect of all who know him. Madeline Gibson 


The Dartmouth College book award - Awarded by the Dartmouth Club of Central Massachusetts, the Dartmouth College Book Award is given to that 11th-grade student in the top ten percent of their class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a positive contribution to the extracurricular life of the school. Joshua White


The David Soren YEUTTER memorial award - Awarded to an 11th-grade student whose interest and activities demonstrate an appreciation of natural beauty and a love for Lawrence Academy. Z LeStage, Kinh Kieu


The Harry and Ann Davidson Prize - Awarded to that undergraduate student who, upon the recommendation of the faculty, has demonstrated in all academic areas the sincere effort to achieve to the best of their ability. Mako Muvirimi


The Harvard book prize - Awarded to that member of the 11th-grade class who combines excellence in scholarship and high character with achievement in other fields; this prize was established by Richard S. Aldrich ’25, in memory of his great, great grandmother who was in the opening class of 1794 and his mother, Mary Pickering Joy Aldrich who was in the Class of 1886. Anthony Coston


The James E. Baker Prize - Awarded by an alumnus of the school, Class of 1871, to a student in the 11th grade for the best all-around development in attitude and scholarship. Owen Leahy


The Thomas B. Warner Memorial Prize -  Established in September 1979 by the Warner family and friends in memory of Thomas B. Warner, Lawrence Academy alumnus, Class of 1975; to be awarded annually to two incoming seniors who have demonstrated a remarkable determination to achieve their fullest potential in the classroom, on the field, and in the school’s extracurricular activities. Se-Hanna Mars, Aly Beloff, Madeline Margraf


The Proctor Award - Established by Gary Edlin, Class of 1963, in memory of his father, Harvey Edlin, honors that student proctor who best demonstrated integrity, initiative, and responsibility. (As chosen by dorm parents). Mikey Gregoire


Finally, Lawrence Academy announced the Spring 2023 Alumni Greater Good Award, Jazz Reed ’14.