LA to Me

LA to Me

By Mako Muvirmi ’24

Having nearly completed four years at LA, I can easily say we have a welcoming and loving community. We also learn how to navigate the complexities we face later in life, along with college prep. While those are all meaningful, what LA is best at (to me) is teaching us all how to excel.

Excellence isn’t formed overnight but over time.

Photo: Mako participating in last year’s poetry celebration event in April, National Poetry Month.

Before coming to LA, I lacked everything it took to excel. I lacked discipline. I lacked self-confidence. I lacked commitment. However, I lacked purpose the most. Coming from Zimbabwe to America and then public school, I had lost my voice. I was in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces. I was one of the few people of color at my school, and I found our classes too large to learn efficiently. Being able to come to LA honestly saved me and my character.

Omnibus Lucet. The light shines for all.

At LA, that is undoubtedly true. We are all given what we need to become the best version of ourselves. When I entered LA, it felt like I was a part of a family. Our advisory groups create tight-knit bonds. Our teachers devote themselves to our learning and entertainment. Our school supports us both mentally and academically. Socially, there are numerous ways anyone can be involved. The cabinet, senior captains, tour guides, faculty-student senate, clubs, spartan leaders, affinity spaces, dorm proctors, judiciary counsel, and much more.

Our campus traditions and culture all add to the environment.

Photo: Mako playing on the varsity boys’ soccer team.

For me, I believe that what LA does is make you want to be a part of something greater. I joined clubs, ran for leadership positions, and pushed myself farther than my limits at LA. What changed was my mentality. Once surrounded by others who were also finding their voice through arts, sports, or whatever, I felt I had to and could do it for myself as well. I became a part of a team with soccer. I became friends with my teachers and peers. I related with my fellow students of color. And I started to give back. I took leadership positions where I could help other students find their voice, too. At LA, we are all driven by the want to give back to the place that helped us.

That is what it means to be a spartan to me.

Photo: Mako enjoying the view during a senior class harbor cruise in Boston.

“Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are, inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become, supports you as you learn, and empowers you to take action for the greater good.”

In short, we follow the acronym RISE: Recognize, Inspire, Support, Empower. Thanks!