Getting Involved at LA: Why and How

Getting Involved at LA: Why and How
By: Janayah Body '23


Let’s discuss how a student can get involved in the LA community!


Beyond LA’s classroom and co-curricular programs, students are encouraged to become involved and active community members. LA has community service opportunities on weekends throughout the school year. For example, we offer Rise Against Hunger’s meal packaging event, a Habitat for Humanity house build, Miracle League baseball, volunteering at a soup kitchen and shelter, and more. Students can also arrange their service opportunities near their home communities as long as they complete the work during the school year.



Student Clubs are also a very popular activity to do as a way to get involved in the LA community. Dozens of special interest-driven and community service-focused clubs exist that are also student-led. There are academic clubs like Business Club and Debate Club. 


Concordia Clubs promote awareness of cultural and social differences while allowing students to design and implement events and actively engage with the larger Lawrence Academy and Groton communities through service-learning projects. Students also reflect on their roles as informed global citizens striving for the common good for all. Examples of Concordia Clubs are Gender Sexuality Alliance, Men’s Club, and Umoja. There are also Service Clubs like Rise Against Hunger, as well as special interest clubs and our student-led publications.



In addition to these organizations, several Affinity Spaces meet monthly. These adult-facilitated groups offer students who share an identity a place to gather and talk about their common issues. There are opportunities like Student Government, Spartan Leaders, and Elm Tree Society for students who aspire to lead the LA community.


As well as Clubs and Community Service, sports are a great way to get involved in the LA community.



As students, we are required to do a sport each term. There are A sports, which are your typical sports, and B sports, which include dance and other activities. During the fall term, we offer volleyball, soccer, field hockey, football, cross country, mountain biking, and more. During the winter term, we offer basketball, hockey, skiing, wrestling, and more. During the spring term, we offer baseball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, softball, track, and more.


There are plenty of ways to get involved in the LA community, and we would be glad to have you!