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From The Schoolhouse: "It's never too late..."

From The Schoolhouse: "It's never too late..."

By John Bishop


While driving over the weekend, listening to AM radio or NPR and pop radio, I was struck by the number of "New Year's Resolutions" mentioned by announcers, hosts, guests, or call-ins.


For my part, resolutions make me itchy, and I tend not to make them as the guilt I feel when these notions of self-improvement inevitably drop off is worse for my health (in terms of stress) than the actual bad habit.


Nevertheless, today in Monday morning assembly -- on "national clean off your desk day" -- Mr. Scheibe gave some thoughts on cleaning off our personal mental plates and continuing the work of coming together as a community during this annual time of renewal.


LA assembly. RMPAC


"On Founder's Day, I'd mentioned the founding documents of the school, and the first time that the school tried to say why it wanted to be here in the first place," began the Head of School. 


"Remember, this is 1792, and the basic statement, the very first sentence that we ever said about ourselves, was this: 'The happiness of community requires the def dissemination of knowledge and learning among all the classes of citizens.' 


"What I propose is that [those words were written] in 1792, but everything we're doing today on January 9th, 2023, is [still] somehow trying to build a happiness of community," he said.


Indeed, Mr. Scheibe was talking about Lawrence Academy in particular, but the ensuing thoughts could apply to every community where we reside.


As such, and while pointing out two current resources (links coming to school emails), he noted that the Dalai Lama says we have the ability to "keep peace of mind." To wit, Dan again quoted the thought leader, who said, "A more altruistic mind brings more happiness, also inner strength, and including sleep well [sic]. 


"So you see, it is quite wise, selfishness."


There's humor there, but to improve the impact of the notion, Mr. Scheibe explained, "Our individual behavior has a benefit for both the others and the self."


Recital Hall sign

A sign in the LA Recital Hall.


Further layering the morning's thoughts, the Head quoted Richard Davidson, a leading psychologist, who once stated, "As the Dai Lama often teaches, and as research shows, is actually something that is better for our happiness than focusing on ourselves."


Scheibe added, "What the Dalai Lama is saying is if you're going to do one thing this year to ensure your own health and happiness... find the time to nurture and develop relationships. And importantly, it's never too late."


Have a great week, everyone!