Taking Action for the Greater Good

Taking Action for the Greater Good

By Auggie Swartwood '23

Hey everyone! My name is Auggie Swartwood, and I am a senior day student from Concord, Mass. I have been a LA for the past four years, and one of my favorite parts over the course of all this time has been community service.

When I joined the LA community in the 9th grade, I was blown away by the community and people that embraced me. From seniors saying “Hi!” in the locker room and the halls, a welcoming admissions team, and a strong class of 2023, I knew right away I belonged in this community.

After realizing the opportunity, I did my best to give back and define my role. A big part of this was taken in the form of community service. As defined in the name, there is simply no greater way to give back to a community than by doing a service towards it.

In order to graduate, each student must complete six (6) hours of community service per year at LA. Additionally, while doing community service over the summer is highly encouraged, those hours do not count towards the total sum, the same as hours not crossing over into the next year (i.e., doing 24 hours of service your 9th-grade year does not count towards sophomore, junior, or senior year).

My experience with community service in LA has been unbelievable. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with my friends and close faculty members, but I have also had the opportunity to have an important role in projects that are so meaningful to both the LA community and the world at large. Namely, the Rise Against Hunger Meal Packaging Event (which I participated in both junior and senior year) packaged nearly 50,000 meals over the last two years, and LA’s commitment to the event has been very beneficial to the Rise Against Hunger Organization over the course of the past decade of involvement.

In addition to the Rise Against Hunger event, there are several other options to get involved with, as LA is partnered with local organizations that provide weekends throughout the school year as opportunities to be of service. Some of these events include a Habitat for Humanity house build; Soup Kitchen & Shelter; acting as “buddies” for Miracle League Baseball; Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Blankets of Love’s Project Linus, the Nashoba Park Assisted Living Center; and many more. You also can create and produce your own approved service events outside of LA; they just have to be completed during the school year.

Overall, my career and experience at LA owe a round of applause to community service and the opportunities within that, as the effect it had on me at such an early age of 9th grade continued to push me and will continue to push me all throughout the rest of my life.