Fall Semi-formal Redux

Fall Semi-formal Redux

After a two-year absence, dancing returned to the Elm Tree-shaded Hillside

By Emma Zhou '24

After a two-year hiatus, on a Friday night October 14, students piled into MacNeil Lounge in glamorous dresses, sharp suits (amongst other ensembles), ready to dance.

The 2023 Senior Cabinet brought back the fall semi-formal dance; the last one held way before we knew what COVID was and this year, however; the outfits went way beyond strappy dresses and suits. 

At the "photobooths," students dressed in various blazer colors posed with neon pink cowboy hats and pink sunglasses.

Color-coordinated outfits were also seen, and some signature dresses went as far as being homemade, as Mahika Namduri ’26 actually made her own green semi-dress from scratch!

Another popular trend this year were ruffles, either on the sleeves or at the hem of dresses. Students backed away from the basic mini dresses and some even showed up in jumpsuits and maxi dresses. Rahma Wario ’24 wore a glittery silver maxi dress with sparkly earrings - it looked dreamlike. 

Overall, and as you can see in the pictures, students had lots of fun and it was definitely one of the highlights so far from fall term 2022.