Crandall Tells Lawrence Academy to Embrace the 'Ridiculous'

Class of 2022 Senior Speaker Elizabeth Crandall reminded the LA community nobody is 'too cool' for school.


By John Bishop


Elizabeth Crandall '22 took a page out of the "Algonquin Round Table" during her Senior Speech at Lawrence Academy Graduation 2022. Quoting Dorothy Parker's "Just a Little One," the senior also said that when it came to beginning her talk, she'd emulate the assembly technique of Head of School Dan Scheibe and use poetry.


"You know what I like about this place? It's got atmosphere," recited Elizabeth (who reminded the crowd that she, despite graduation, remains "Bitsy"). 


"That's what it's got," continued her quote of Parker (pictured). "If you would ask the waiter to bring a fairly sharp knife, I could cut off a nice little block of the atmosphere to take home with me. It would be interesting to have for my memory book. I'm going to start keeping a memory book tomorrow. 


"Don't let me forget."


A perfect sentiment. Clearly, while Crandall and fellow members of the Class of 2022 relish the opportunity to break the bounds of high school, there is much to be recalled about their years at Lawrence. 


Moreover, there is more to "not forget."


"The atmosphere here, at Lawrence Academy, is what I'd like to take home with me and put in a memory book," explained Crandall. "The second we stepped on campus, it was immediately evident how unique our community is."


Senior Speaker Elizabeth Crandall '22

However, it wasn't the welcoming nature of the elm tree-shaded hillside that Crandall evoked. Instead, it was the wacky, crazy, ridiculous high school moments that she focused on during her speech. And more importantly, embracing the "ridiculous" is the key to a Lawrence Academy education.


And by the "ridiculous," Bitsy meant challenging, unconventional, unexpected, and often hilarious moments, which define experiential learning.


"Anyone who wants to get the most of their time at Lawrence Academy has to learn very quickly that there is nothing on this campus that you are too cool for," said Crandall. "There is so much offered... but if you think to yourself that you are too cool to participate in these activities, you'll never understand why this place is so special."


Bitsy talked about everything from ping pong in the Student Lounge to McDonald Library discussions to One-Act rehearsals, important segues, and enhancements to students' work in the classroom.


"For anyone who's going to be finishing up soon graduating in the next couple of years, I implore you to... seek out these moments of ridiculousness," added Crandall. "[Those] are the memories you will never want to miss."



Ed's Note: John Bishop was Bitsy's advisor for all four of her years at LA, and he is very proud of his advisee.