College Counseling: Guiding Students To Their Future

College Counseling: Guiding Students To Their Future

Hi everyone; my name is Connor McLaughlin. I’m a senior day student at Lawrence Academy from Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Over the past four years, LA has molded me into the student I am today and opened many doors for my future through the college counseling process.  

When I started the college search and application process, I was a sophomore at the end of my spring term who had no idea what my future entailed. I was surprised at how early the College Office was reaching out. Most of my friends at public school wouldn’t sit down and meet with a college counselor until the end of their junior year. The LA college office set the expectation for us and made sure we knew how to make ourselves standout applicants.

Immediately I was fascinated and drawn to a big state school and put academics in the back of my mind when I thought of schools. The possibility of being at a big university intrigued me, and I immediately thought I had it all figured out.

Following that summer, when we returned for junior year, we started group college counseling, and I learned more about what the right fit really meant. Through these meetings, I realized that a big school might not be the exact fit for me. As these meetings went along, I narrowed down my list of qualities for my future schools.  

Then, about halfway through my junior year, I was paired with my college counselor, Ms. Ritter. During our first meeting, we discussed my past grades and extracurricular activities, working to build up my resume that I would submit to colleges. While working through my resume, we discussed “what I was looking for in my future school” and how I could achieve my goal.

Ms. Ritter guided me to make a list that matched schools that fit my criteria. She ensured that I had a balanced list so that when the selection time came, I could open every option. Like every LA college counselor, Ms. Ritter reviewed your main and supplemental personal essays for countless hours.

Finally, she walked me through submitting my applications and worked with me all through the waiting process and up to the decision time.

I can’t imagine where I would be without the help of my college counselor. I appreciate everything she has done to guide me to my future school, and I know she has done the same for so many more.