Class of 2022: Perseverance and Diligence

Senior President Demetra Danas will miss Lawrence Academy and its people


by John Bishop


Groton, Mass. — Demetra Danas '22 recalled an axiom she heard during her first year at LA and pointed over the heads of her fellow seniors to her schoolmates seated at the back of the massive tent on Lawrence Academy's Quad.


"Back in freshmen year, when I was sitting way back there, I was told you don't actually see graduation until you're in it," said the ever-smiling Danas, the Class of 2022's president. "Who would've thought, with COVID, that would actually be the case?"




Demetra Danas '22


During her speech, which introduced keynote speaker Shabana Basij-Rasikh, founder of the School of Leadership Afghanistan, Danas noted the many obstacles her class surmounted over their oft-interrupted four years on campus.


"COVID altered three years of our high school career," said the Demetra, or "Meech" as she is known most often. "Events canceled, Mondays became online... Yet regardless of being in person or online, in the classroom or over Zoom, we were able to attend school every day and received an extraordinary education."


However, Danas subtly juxtaposed the "difficulties" her class encountered with those Basij-Rasikh would describe a few moments later.


"I can not convey how moving and inspiring Shabana's story is," said Danas emphatically. "So, it is my absolute honor and privileged to pass over the mic."


However, before passing that microphone, Danas also contrasted how her impressions of graduation day at LA changed from September to December.




Walking to the Quad.


"For our very first assemblies, my cabinet and I decided that we wanted a mini video montage showcasing the highlights of the upcoming year," explained Lawrence Academy's senior class president. "We had clips of Spoon Hunt, on-campus weekends, Mountain Day, and other favorite LA traditions. 


"But the final clip of that montage was graduation," continued Meech. "I walked across our makeshift stage in my cap and gown. But let me tell you that it did not feel like it does right now.


"Graduation is a day that everyone looks forward to," added Dana. "And for the longest time, my peers and I have been praying for this day to come.


"Now that it's here, I'm sorry it is because it means leaving friends and teachers who've been my mentors, so many people who've shaped my life."


We're sorry to see our senior go, too, Meech. But we're also excited to see what all of you can do!