The Life of a Boarding Student at LA
By Lauren Cloherty ‘22
Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Cloherty and I am a senior boarding student here at Lawrence Academy.
As a boarding student here at Lawrence academy, being able to live with all your friends is an experience you will simply never forget. Living in a pod with 3 of my closest friends, waking up with them around as well as being able to watch movies together in our room at night truly feels like a second family.
While boarding for the last four years of high school, I can confidently say that you will adjust and get into a rhythm as a boarding student. Whether that is through managing your time well and completing work after school, getting dinner with your friends each night, or making sure you get all your homework done during study hall, you can work to create a daily schedule that works for you.

Each morning, walking across our beautiful quad to fuel up with a big breakfast before a day of classes or a big game day is the perfect way to start each morning. Being able to stay on campus for the weekends is such a unique opportunity that I believe everyone should experience.

The activities that Lawrence Academy offers during the weekend will never leave you bored while on campus. There are always athletic games taking place with stands filled with crowds of LA student in which their energy radiates throughout the fields and courts. Community service is a great way for the students to give back to the local community and form a good relationship between our town and the school.

Each weekend, there are always many different chances for you to complete some community service, weather is a Rise against Hunger event or decorating birthday cards for children.

Being a boarding student at Lawrence Academy creates bonds with students and faculty and gives you a glance at what college dorm style living is like, all while allowing you the convenience of living right next to your academic buildings.

Thank you for reading!