2024 Graduation: "Enjoy the Reveal..."

2024 Graduation: "Enjoy the Reveal..."

Groton, Mass. — On Friday, May 31, following the traditional "Senior Sunrise" (as witnessed on Murbach Field) and the Class of 2024's final formal group photo, Lawrence Academy held its 231st graduation exercise on "the elm tree-shaded hillside" in Groton, Massachusetts.

Senior sunrise...

Head of School Dan Scheibe P'23 began commencement, speaking about the exercise as similar to emerging from a tunnel at Fenway Park or the rotunda in the Schoolhouse.

"You have been living and working in the contained world of high school for a few years now," said Mr. Scheibe. "You now await the expanse beyond.

"The simplest advice to our seniors is just to enjoy the reveal," he continued. "The moment you walk out of this space into something much bigger, there's a blue sky above, and there are plenty of people who love you here to help you take it all in as you go.

"Here's the deeper advice," added the Head of School, "the power of transformation is not just in the great, inspirational, soaring spaces around you.

"The power of transformation is the creative force within you, inspiring you to take responsibility for who you want to become," he said.

Next, Class of 2024 President Serena Chang and Madeline Gibson '24 introduced the day's keynote speaker, Hise Gibson P'24 - Maddie's accomplished dad.

"I hope that when we see each other again, whether on campus or in the greater world, we can all pick off where we left off as Spartans," said Chang. "I know that wherever you're going, you will go far.

"Once again, congratulations to the class of 2024," concluded Chang. "It's been nothing but an honor."

Final Class of 2024 photo.

"Even though he met his hero on August 22 [my birthday], I met mine when I opened my eyes for the first time," said an emotional Gibson, who will follow in her father's footsteps at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. "I'm so happy to share this moment with my dad in the class of 2024.

"So please join me in welcoming my hero to the stage, Dr. Hise Gibson."

Due to an accomplished military and business career, Dr. Gibson retains the right to pontificate. However, thanks to some advice from his daughter to "not be long and try not to be boring," Maddie's emotional dad boiled his advice to one simple phrase: "Keep in touch."

"We now must all embrace this change and let it propel us towards personal growth and development," he explained. "Remember that home is not a physical place. It's a feeling where you feel you belong that you carry with you. You can create a home wherever you are. And it goes by building relationships, staying true to your values."

For Dr. Gibson, home is only a click away; he'll use a simple method to stay in touch.
"I'm super excited to see what happens to catch Maddie's Instagram," he said to the crowd's delight. "I'm excited to see what you post and connect and stay connected. And congratulations.
"Class of 2024, wishing you all the best in your future endeavors... keep in touch!"

Makomborero "Mako" Muvirimi '24 and Rahma Wario Doyo '24 imparted wisdom to their classmates and the gathered community.

Mako's was lighthearted. Using his mangled white Crocs as a metaphor, the senior spoke about the things he had accomplished and seen while wearing those shoes.

"The difference between being and doing comes down to purpose. And as Rama will soon share, purpose is the catalyst of dreams. And dreams are the catalyst of purpose," said Mako, hailed initially from Zimbabwe. "Just as I have chosen to take all my high school steps in these Crocs, I think it's time to trade them in for a new pair that'll carry me with purpose throughout these next four years."

So he did, replacing the old one with an exact duplicate pair.

"They're still the same style, same color," he said. "Because I'm still planning on being me."

2024 Graduation Program

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For Rhama, who is from Kenya, becoming who she wanted to become meant making a difference for girls — like her — who experienced FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), "a practice rooted in cultural tradition seen as a rite of passage and a way to ensure girls' marriageability."

Rhama explained that it was a battle for girls to continue their education and a world outside the narrow experience prescribed by tradition.

"Here [at LA], I found a platform to share my stories and raise awareness about FGM," explained Rahma. "In my honors writing class, I wrote about my experience, and my peers supported the risk of taking my truth, inspiring me to continue making my dream a reality for myself and other girls like me."

Finally, incoming President of the Board Karen Mitchell Brandvold '82, P'16, '17, joined longtime faculty member Rob Moore in presenting the diplomas to the Class of 2024.

With that, the entire graduating class sang the school song, "Lawrence Here's to Thee," for the final time before throwing their graduation caps into the air.