Board of Trustees

Campus aerial photo - Fall 2020.


President Jason Saghir P'19
Vice President Phyllis Rothschild P'20
Secretary Karen Mitchell Brandvold '82, P'16, '17
Treasurer David Stone '76
Robert Achtmeyer '97
Pamela Amusa '06
Ronald Ansin P’80, '83, '85, '87;
GP'03, '05, '14
Katherine Beede P'16
Melissa Bois P'22
G. Randall Chamberlain '79
Cyrus Daftary P'25
Susanna Gallant P'20, '24
Hise Gibson P'24
Courtney Cox Harrison '83
Kiyohiko Hirose '94, P'22
Bradford Hobbs '82
Robin Jones P'25
Samuel Liang P'18,'19
Douglas Long P'15, '18
Bruce MacNeil '70, P'04
David Mazza '01
Michael McLaughlin P'23, '23, '25
Peter Myette P'00, '03
Devin O'Reilly P'24

Taylor Sele '02
Gordon Sewall '67
Edward Steinborn P'23
Alex Sugar P'19
Richard Tyson, Jr. '87
Stephen Wilkins

Honorary Trustees

Lucy Abisalih '76
George Chamberlain III P'79, '81
Albert Gordon, Jr. '59
Albert Stone P'74,'76; GP'15
The Quad at dusk...

Our Mission

Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are, inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become, and empowers you to take action for the greater good.