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Where do you want to go: today, tomorrow, and in the years to come?

Lawrence Academy is a place where people take pride in being part of a warm, compassionate, welcoming community. It’s a place where students discover talents they did not know they possessed and become confident, articulate champions for themselves and others. It’s a place that will help you grow and succeed in ways you can only begin to imagine.
At Lawrence Academy, students discover their interests and passions — for a familiar academic subject or a new field of study; for a sport or art form; for a club or a service project —while deepening their understanding of those interests and passions, themselves, and the world around them. Our students, faculty, and staff create an inclusive, friendly, and down-to-earth community and support system that recognizes each person for who they are, with a goal of inspiring them to take responsibility for who they want to become and empowering them to work toward the greater good, both on campus today and out in the world for years to come.
We are proud of the fact that the students are the very center of everything we do at Lawrence Academy. The prerequisite for any educational experience is an intense understanding of and solidarity with how each student learns best.
We want to ignite the abilities and passions within each student we teach, to challenge them to be more active in, more committed to, and more immersed in their learning than they ever thought possible. Ultimately, we simply want to see each student flourish, to support their individual development, and to enable their ultimate success.

A Welcome from our Head of School

Dear Students and Families,

The world has never had a more pressing need for individuals who possess the understanding and skill to provide leadership for the complex communities and conditions of today. Lawrence Academy’s distinct history supports this need. We were founded over 225 years ago in an environment aimed at forming a citizenry. Education was something to be shared, not hoarded, to build a society for the greater good. Our motto, Omnibus Lucet, means "The light shines for all." Our drive and interest are outwards, not inwards, and we want to be an open door for the benefit of others.

Towards such ends, people and institutions need to be mission-grounded and -driven, and our mission individually and collectively is based in human recognition, inspiration towards noble ends, and the acceptance of personal responsibility in all we are and all we do. These are high ideals, but they are all and only realized in the minute day-to-day experiences of living in close community together. Campus-based education, encompassing all the hours of the day and all the dimensions of life, is the strongest form of education, and that is what we do and who we are.

Through each and every program and each and every space on our campus, we strive towards the most invigorating, transformative experience available to young people today. We are eager to transcend the boundaries of our classroom and our campus as well, understanding that the futures our students are heading towards will likewise transcend boundaries and conventions. Our students need to be prepared to engage in a completely altered future of work and life, so we provide them tools and experience to adapt and thrive.

Most importantly, everything we do is based in a true joy and affinity for the high school experience and students this age. There is no other time in life when identity is formed more dynamically and zealously. We relate to the students in our care with a sense of generosity, optimism, respect, and genuine interest. Our educational program is designed to "recognize, inspire, support, and empower."

Ultimately, our interest is student empowerment, and our students are at the center of everything we do. We feel we deliver a depth of care and a quality of experience unrivaled amongst high schools.

Come see how we shine!

Dan Scheibe
Head of School

Dan Scheibe, Head of School

Lawrence Academy’s head of school since 2012, Dan Scheibe grew up on the Wesleyan University campus in Middletown, Conn. He earned his B.A. in literature from Yale University and advanced degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and Wesleyan University.Dan has worked in independent schools as a teacher, coach, dorm head, and advisor for over 25 years, beginning at Jakarta International School. His first work in a residential school environment was at Blair Academy, and he worked for more than a decade at Middlesex School immediately preceding his tenure at Lawrence Academy.

Our Favorite Traditions

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