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Welcome to Lawrence Academy

Lawrence Academy provides approximately 400 students in grades 9 to 12 with a college-preparatory curriculum that ensures individual attention and fosters personal growth. Established in 1793, LA enjoys its heritage as one of the oldest independent schools in the country while embracing a contemporary student-centered approach that supports its mission.

A Bird's Eye View of the Campus

Lawrence Academy is situated on a 140-acre campus in the center of Groton, Massachusetts, just 45 minutes from Boston.

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What makes Lawrence Academy




Latest News

Life of a Day Student at LA

Hi there! My name is Liv Ristaino and I am a junior day student at Lawrence Academy. As a day student at Lawrence Academy, I am able to experience all of the benefits of living at home while still being able to fully immerse myself in the school’s culture. I genuinely don’t notice any difference between myself and a boarding student other than the fact that I leave school at the end of every day.

Strasburger/LA Astronomers Feted In NASA News

On January 11th, Lawrence Academy Science teacher David Strasburger and his student astronomers were feted by NASA/IPAC for their work leading up to the 2022 NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) meeting. Unfortunately, that January meeting was canceled.

The Life of a Boarding Student at LA
Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Cloherty and I am a senior boarding student here at Lawrence Academy. As a boarding student here at Lawrence academy, being able to live with all your friends is an experience you will simply never forget. Living in a pod with 3 of my closest friends, waking up with them around as well as being able to watch movies together in our room at night truly feels like a second family

Advisory Program

Advisory with Mrs. Schulze.

The advisory system is at the heart of the Lawrence Academy experience.

Advisory groups are much more than a required daily check-in: they’re close-knit units where students should gain confidence and inspiration, and feel safe to share both triumphs and struggles.

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LA's Underwater Discovey Winterim is always a bit hit with students.

Embracing the idea of experiential education through Winterim.

The two-week mini-term in March is a central feature of LA’s educational program, breaking students out of their normal routines and encouraging them to open their minds, bodies, and hearts to new experiences.

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Learning Support

Recognizing that all students learn differently and have a variety of academic passions and needs.

With the aim of meeting students where they are and setting them up for success, LA offers various programs to help students work toward their full potential, both as scholars and as human beings. Students will learn to advocate for themselves, and to ask for help when they need it.

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