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"Rockin' the Quad since 1999!"

WRLA is the student radio station at Lawrence Academy...

Maintaining and operating a radio station provides a real world experiential learning experience for the students who become involved.

The station manager and DJs follow specific broadcast guidelines while playing the music of their choice on weekly shows which they design.

The training and experience they receive at WRLA prepares students to pursue broadcast opportunities in college and beyond.

The links below will connect you to the WRLA stream:

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You will find our current air schedule on our Broadcast Schedule. Browse our archives of recorded shows and show segments on the WRLA Archive page.

If you have problems connecting to our broadcast, or you have questions about WRLA, please email our Station Manager Connor Melvin or contact our faculty advisor John Bishop.

If you'd like to send a message to a DJ, email wrlaradio@gmail.com, and put the DJ name as the subject!

A Little WRLA History

In the 1970s LA had an "over the air" FM radio station with a 40 foot transmission tower behind Spaulding Hall.

View of WRLA StudioThat station was called WLAR (Lawrence Academy Radio) and it had a pretty good range of broadcast that reached several surrounding towns. By the early 1980s interest in the station had waned and the studio in the basement of Sheedy Hall (a dorm that stood on the quad where the Ansin Academic Building now stands) became a maintenance storage room.

By the late 1990s however, there was renewed student interest in having a radio station on campus.

Thanks to the renovation of the old Gray Building gym into the Williams Arts Center (1997),  and a generous gift from the Parents of the Class of 1999, radio returned to campus in October of 1999 with new call letters (WRLA) broadcasting on 89.3 FM as a non-commercial educational station.

The studio was outfitted with professional level equipment, and a new low-power transmissions system brought the signal to every corner of the campus.

By 2000-2001 WRLA had shows running 6 days a week with both student and faculty DJs and "live" play-by-play from the Stone Athletic Center for basketball games.

During the decade since WRLA went on the air, several factors converged and have led to the launch of the latest incarnation of  Lawrence Academy Radio.

The trend in student listening habits has gone from FM radio to digital music via iPod and computers and recent construction projects on the campus disrupted the complex FM transmission system. During 2009-10 a decision was made to abandon the FM transmission and move toward streaming the WRLA content on the World Wide Web.

The faculty advisor and station general manager, with help from an alumnus and several other independent schools, moved through the processes necessary to license WRLA as a Non-commercial Educational Webcaster.

The station now complies with all federal requirements regarding content and royalties and began live streaming on December 1, 2010.

Our current Station Manager is Connor Melvin '15, our Director of Studio Operations is Corey Crowley '15, our personnel director Kendra Mac '15.

Our faculty advisor is John Bishop, Director of Communications for Lawrence Academy.

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