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Order Books Online

All school books, including summer reading requirements, can be purchased online using our preferred online vendor...

Summer reading purchasing is now available.  Student 2015-16 schedules will be available early August, with regular school year book purchases available at that time. Please note:


  • Books for the 2015– 2016 school year must be ordered no later than August 24 to guarantee delivery prior to the start of classes.
  • If available, a book may be purchased as a text, e-book, or rental.  More information about these options can be found on
  • Please see “Important Search Tips…” under Quick Tips for Online Book Ordering below.

Before Ordering Books

For summer assignments...
You will need to verify the courses you will be taking in the fall in order to select the correct course materials.

schedule instructions

For regular school year purchases...
You will need your child's academic course list, to assist you in purchasing books. Your child's list can be obtained through the My Backpack link on the Parent Portal.

Please use the Community Login Tutorial if you have not yet logged in to the Parent Portal. Print your child's schedule using the "List View" option (see picture to the right).

The list will then display course numbers, sections and titles. The course titles displayed on K12 Student Direct match exactly the titles on your schedule. For some courses, you may need the section number as well.

After entering the course number, it is possible you will be presented with several course sections. In those cases, be sure that the section number on your schedule matches the section number in the course description that appears online.

Quick Tips for Online Book Ordering

For detailed instructions on how to order books, please download & print the instructions (PDF) before you begin your purchase. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

  • When you click on the...

    link you will be taken to a log in screen. 
  • Log in or create a New User account
  • On the next page, enter “Lawrence” for School Name and “Massachusetts” for Your School State.
  • On the next page, click “Lawrence Academy”, leave Student Identification Number” blank.
  • Continue to create your account.  For Username, please use your email address.
  • Once you have created your account, you can “Start Your Course Search”.
  • Select term:  For summer reading purchases, use the drop-down menu, select "Summer Reading 2015."  When searching for summer reading, use the course number that corresponds to your grade in September 2015. For foreign language summer reading, select the course number that corresponds to your foreign language level in September 2015.  For school year purchases, using the drop down menu, select "School Year 2015–2016."
  • Important Search Tips: Recommend “Search by Course”, next click “Advanced Search”, then use the dropdown menu and select either “Summer Reading 2015 or  “School Year 2015-2016, then click search. Click on the course link. It is NOT necessary to click “Add to My Courses”.
  • We recommend that you purchase all your books prior to September for all three school terms. You will be able to do so because most Winter and Spring term required book purchases will be listed beginning August 14, 2015.

Please note: Your login ID and password is unique to K12Studentdirect. They are not related in any way to your Lawrence Academy Community Login. 

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Most courses starting with “0”, “1” or "8" do not require the purchase of books and are not listed by the online bookstore.
  2. All other courses, even if no purchase is required, are listed by the online bookstore.
  3. Some of the same English, history, and science courses are offered by different teachers; each may use different books. In those instances, be certain to choose the course for your section. 
  4. Some math courses do not require text book purchases. Your student's account may be charged a Lab Fee in the fall for the use of school materials, including online resources.
  5. All new students must own a TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition Calculator or TI-84 Plus CE Calculator. The TI-84 Plus CE Calculator is available through K12 Student Direct, and it will be offered for purchase under each math course. 

Ship To Address for Regular School Year Text Books

Only international students and those arriving to campus via air travel may have their books shipped directly to Lawrence Academy. Books delivered to the school will be bundled by the student’s name and are to be picked up during registration.

Day students and local boarders must have their orders shipped to their home address.

Return Policy
Once school starts, if adjustments in the courses selected are necessary, the business office can assist with returns. Subsequent book ordering, however, is the responsibility of student. Keep in mind that will allow book returns for up to 30 days after the school’s add/drop date for the academic term in question, but books returned for a refund must be in brand-new condition. Do not write the student’s name in books until you are sure your student will remain in that course.

Need Help?

  • Questions regarding the navigation of the K12 Student Direct website or customer service issues (payments, credits, status, etc.), call them directly at (877)-560-2651 or use their live chat.
  • Questions regarding course level placement should be directed to department chairs when school resumes. Any changes to schedules will be made during the drop/add period, which is the first week of classes.
  • Questions regarding your child's schedule should be directed to the Lawrence Academy registrar Rachel Culley. (978-448-1517).
  • Questions regarding textbook orders, please email Lisa Cooper.
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