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Zack Dawson, Arts ChairLawrence Academy was founded in 1793.
Our curriculum wasn't...

At Lawrence Academy, we think that good questions are as important as good answers.

Click on the questions listed below to learn what makes one of the oldest independent schools in the United States (est. 1793) different in important ways from all the others you might be considering.

But before you do, first try to imagine how you would answer the question. If your answer is like ours, then maybe you'd feel right at home at LA.

Q. What does Lawrence Academy mean by "active learning"?

Q. How much flexibility is there in the curriculum at LA?

Q. Why does Lawrence Academy emphasize the importance of making choices?

Q. How does Lawrence Academy take my education personally?

Interested? Now have a look at the curriculum, departments, and programs listed at the left.

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