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2017 - 2018 School Year Information

The School Year At-a-Glance Calendar for major dates for the 2017-2018 school year is now available. This PDF details vacation breaks, Parents Weekend, etc. Use this calendar to schedule travel arrangements, vacations, and appointments.

Use the full school calendar on the website for up-to-date daily information.

Summary of Registration Dates

Check the 2017-2018 School Year At-a-Glance Calendar for specific times...

Athletic Registration (varsity tryouts/practices): September 1
Peer Counselors, Proctors, International Student Leaders
: September 4
New Students
(if didn’t register Sept. 1): September 5
Remaining Returning Students
(if didn’t register Sept. 1 or 4): September 7

Answers to many of the questions/concerns you may have about various aspects of our school may be found below. Updated sections coming soon:

  • Before the Start of School (including varsity tryout info)
  • Dormitory Life
  • Academics (includes a letter from the Director of Studies)
  • Additional Information For International Students

Fees & Payments

1. What are the tuition rates for the 2016-2017 school year?

Boarding student tuition rate is $61,150. Day student tuition rate is $47,400.

2. What are the different tuition payment plans for students?

The tuition deposit is due April 10 and is 10% of the total annual tuition charge.  Lawrence Academy offers either a two-payment plan or monthly nine-payment plan for the remaining tuition due. International parents may choose either a one-payment plan or a two-payment plan.

3. If I want to wire money to the school, what do I need to do?

Funds are to be transferred in U.S. dollars. If you will be transferring funds to Lawrence Academy electronically, please use the following wire transfer instructions:

     Name of Bank: Boston Private Bank and Trust Company, Boston, MA
     Swift address #: BPTCUS33
     ABA/Bank Transit #: 011002343
     Name of Account: Lawrence Academy
     Account #: 0943456630  
     For account of: Student’s name

4. Are there other fees in addition to tuition?

  • Books: $400-$800/year for all students (dependent upon courses selected) and are ordered by families. More information will be available once the student’s course list is finalized. Students must have the ability to order and pay for books at any time during the summer or school year for additional purchases.
  • There is a $300 term charge deposit for new domestic students and a $1,000 term charge deposit for new international students. This deposit is a one-time charge, due by July 1, 2017, that is used to cover incidental charges that are billed to the student’s account. Incidental expenses include, but are not limited to, new student orientation, outside music teachers, school store purchases, lost or damaged school property, studio fees, art fees, class trips, athletic supplies, entertainment, transportation, class fundraisers, graduation fees, postage fees and Winterim evening activities for on-campus courses. Term charges can average $150-$1,000/term.  Billing statements are issued monthly. Parents will be notified each month when a new billing statement has been created. Billing statements and current account details will be available in your account on My BackPack.
  • $750 International Student Fee: All international students who use any kind of visa to enter the United States, or who pay a SEVIS fee to the American Embassy are charged $750 which covers the cost of complying with SEVIS regulations.
  • Tuition Refund Insurance: The premium for the tuition refund insurance plan is 3.5% of the full year’s tuition. For boarding students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $2,140.25. For day students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $1,659.00. Premiums for students receiving financial aid are based on 3.5% of the net tuition amount for the year. See below for more information regarding the tuition refund insurance plan.
  • Winterim: $100 - $3,000 (dependent upon course selected). All students in travel courses will also be required to purchase travel insurance through a group policy offered by the school. Winterim courses are selected with permission from parents in early December. This is an additional cost and will be added to your student account at the end of December with payment due at the beginning of January.
  • Medical Insurance: Lawrence Academy requires that all international students participate in the school’s student medical insurance program. The fee for international students is $1,905.00 for the period August 20, 2017, through August 19, 2018, and is due July 1, 2017. A waiver for the insurance is granted only to international students with proof of medical insurance coverage provided by a U.S. company. Medical insurance is not available for domestic students.
  • Bus Transportation: This is a voluntary service for day students residing in the Andover or Concord MA area. The additional charge for bus service from the Concord or Andover area generally ranges from $2,100.00 to $2,400.00 for the school year. The specific charge will be known later in the summer. Bus transportation signup is completed by logging into your account on My BackPack and submitting the bus transportation form found under Reservation Agreement & Additional Forms.
  • Academic Support: If a student has registered with the Academic Support Office, they will work with a Learning Strategy Coach once or twice a week. This is an additional cost and fees are dependent upon the number of weekly sessions elected.  Fees are charged annually or on a term basis.        

5. Please describe the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan.

Because the Reservation Agreement is a contract obligating you for the full year’s tuition payment even in the event of absence, change in boarding status, withdrawal or dismissal, we offer a tuition refund insurance plan for your consideration. The optional plan is offered through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc., and is designed to provide partial tuition payment coverage in the event of absence, change in boarding status, withdrawal or dismissal. We strongly encourage families new to LA to consider purchasing this coverage. The school’s policy regarding no refunds or cancellation of tuition for absences, change in boarding status, withdrawal or dismissal after July 1 as stated in the Reservation Agreement is firm and not negotiable.  If you elect to participate, coverage begins after the 15th day of school. The tuition refund insurance plan provides 50% coverage of the daily tuition rate for non-medical withdrawals, absences or dismissals. The percent of coverage for medical withdrawals or absences varies. Please refer to the tuition refund insurance brochure for a full explanation of the plan. The premium for the tuition refund insurance plan is 3.5% of the tuition. For boarding students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $2,140.25. For day students, the tuition refund insurance premium is $1,659.00. Premiums for students receiving financial aid are based on 3.5% of the net tuition amount for the year.

6. Are there outside tuition funding options that I can explore?

  • The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) offers information in the Parents’ Guide about tuition financing on its website:
  • Loan programs available for grades K-12 education:
  • Sallie Mae:
  • Your Tuition Solution: (see attached brochure)

7. How can I get money to my student at school?

Students must have a bank account at a local bank in Groton if they do not already have a US bank account elsewhere. Lawrence Academy is unable to receive funds from students or parents for safekeeping or to cash checks or give cash advances. Representatives from a local bank will be on campus during student registration for those interested in opening accounts. Students will need to have their Social Security number (U.S. citizen) or Visa/Passport number to open an account and a parent to sign the application form if the student is under the age of 16.

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