We’re taking Summer at LA to a whole new level!

Check out just a few of our changes...

  • More choices: Create your own experience based on your interests!
  • New activities: Rock wall, archery, Red Cross swim lessons, and more.
  • Expanded theater/drama and music/dance programs, plus yoga, and martial arts.
  • Other programs include science, cooking, origami, jewelry making, photography, wood working, and more.

All-New Camps for 2017

  • Wilderness Adventure
  • Marine Science Exploration
  • Build Your Own Canoe
  • New Senior Camp level of LA Day
    includes weekly off site trips!

Also, many of your favorite camps, such as sports camps, are still offered!

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LA Day Camp

LA Day

LA Day is the foundation of the Summer at LA experience. Day camp is divided into two-week sessions, and each LA Day group is divided by age. (see the four age breakouts below) Every camper gets a lunch and snacks, but from there, different ages’ days vary drastically, and each camper makes the choice of what he or she wants to do during the day, providing campers a varied and well-rounded schedule, and opportunities to try new things in a safe environment.

Please Note: Unless otherwise stated, prices reflect full-session (two-week) cost.

Dates and Rates of LA DAY

  • June 19 – 23: LA Day 1-week Pre-Camp, $500
  • June 26 – July 7 (no camp on July 4): Session A, $805
  • July 10 – 21: Session B, $895
  • July 24 – August 4: Session C, $895
  • August 7 – 18: Session D, $895
  • August 21 – 25: LA Day 1-week Post-Camp, $500

LA DAY PRESCHOOL CAMP (3-4 years old) $350/week
LA Day Preschool Camp, which runs weekly from June 26 through August 18, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., is a summer camp option for those too young for LA Day programs. Preschool Camp campers work in groups of 3:1 camper-to-staff ratio; every camper gets a lunch and a morning snack. Our dedicated Preschool staff lead our campers through a variety of age-appropriate activities. From music and movement to arts and crafts, nature walks to swim lessons – each day is an adventure! An optional extended care program for Preschool Camp campers is available until 4 p.m.

Lower Camp (ages 5-6): In small groups of no more than 12 campers (with a 4:1 campers-to-staff ratio), Lower Camp campers work with a dedicated staff to guide them through their days, which include a variety of age-appropriate activities, from arts to nature, sports to drama. Daily swim lessons are included in Lower Camp campers’ schedules, and afternoon free swim is an available option as well.

Sample electives from 2016 summer:

  • Drama
  • Archery
  • Little Builders
  • Little Chefs
  • Science with Mr. Steve
  • Nature Exploration
  • Dance and Movement
  • Backyard Games
  • Organized sports
  • Pottery
  • Free Swim

Middle Camp (ages 7-8): A dedicated small-group staff (5:1 campers-to-staff ratio) will help guide Middle Camp campers through their LA Day experience. Middle Camp campers have more variety in and options for age-appropriate electives, such as archery, candy-making, science, flag football, ga-ga, kickball, team building challenge courses, and more. Daily swim lessons are optional, and a free swim option is available each day as well.

Other sample electives from 2016 summer:

  • So you think you can cook
  • Science with Mr. Steve
  • Archery
  • Paper Mache
  • Backyard games
  • Drama
  • Dance/Movement
  • Soap Making
  • Life-size games
  • Fun with Magnets
  • Pinewood Derby
  • Free Swim

Upper Camp (ages 9-11): Upper Camp campers are supervised in a 6:1 campers-to-staff ratio. Options for electives include woodworking, stained glass, website design, upcycling and more age-appropriate electives. Free swim in included each day.

  • Other sample electives from 2016 summer:
  • Cupcake wars
  • Woodworking
  • Camp newscasters
  • Paper arts
  • Cardboard boats
  • Organized Sports
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Digital Photography

Senior Camp (ages 12-15): NEW THIS YEAR! While supervised by college-age or older staff (6:1 camper-to-staff ratio), Senior Camp campers enjoy longer elective periods. Age-appropriate elective options include Camp Top Chef, Cupcake Wars, wood turning, wilderness survival, fashion design/sewing, and more. Free swim is always available each day. Senior Camp campers take weekly off-campus field trips as well. Examples of trips include Kimball's, Boda Borg, Wingaersheek Beach, Lowell Spinners game, kayaking, duck tour and more.

Sample electives:

  • Fun with fondant
  • Wood turning
  • Paper twilling
  • Upcycling
  • Photography
  • Wood Pallet transformation
  • Jewelry making
  • Disc Golf
  • Bocce Ball
  • Ping Pong
  • Pool
  • Free Swim

LA Day: Specialty Tracks

LA Day: Specialty Tracks

Take LA Day Base Camp to a whole new level with our specialty tracks! Campers will spend 2.5 – 3 hours each day focused on a special subject – everything from robotics to fashion design, creative writing to cake decorating, baseball to volleyball, and so much more!
There are nominal fees associated with specialty tracks. Tuition is basecamp fee plus the specialty fee.

Current specialty tracks for 2017 (Keep your eyes on the website and emails as we’ll be adding more over the spring!):

Session A (June 26 – July 7) Specialty Tracks

  • Robotics Jr. (Available to Middle Camp and Upper Camp), $135
  • Robotics (Available to Upper Camp and Senior Camp), $135
  • Cooking (available to Senior Camp), $135
  • Baseball (available to all levels), $80
  • Soccer (available to all levels), $80
  • Creative Writing (available to Senior Camp), $135

Session B (July 10 – 21) Specialty Tracks

  • Robotics Jr. (available to Middle Camp and Upper Camp), $150
  • Robotics (available to Upper Camp and Senior Camp), $150
  • Artist-in-Residence (available to Upper Camp and Senior Camp), $150
  • Fashion Design (available to Upper Camp and Senior Camp), $150
  • Basketball (available to all levels), $100

Session C (July 24 – August 4) Specialty Tracks

  • Lacrosse (available to all levels), $100
  • Cooking (available to Senior Camp), $150
  • Volleyball (available to Upper and Senior Camp), $100
  • Minecraft (available to Middle and Upper Camp), $150

Session D (August 7 – 18) Specialty Tracks

  • Soccer (available to all levels), $100
  • Minecraft (available to Upper and Senior Camp), $150
  • Baking and cake decorating (available to Upper and Senior Camp), $150
  • Field Hockey (available to Middle, Upper and Senior Camp), $100

Robotics: Future engineers come here! Learn to overcome obstacles and build some crazy cool machines. These bots are ripping and rolling over every obstacle and every day presents a new puzzle to solve.

Robotics Jr: Junior does not mean any less robotics! A packed session full of obstacles the kids create and robots that let that creativity shine. Robotics creates a whole new perspective on how to build.

Fashion Design: No sewing skills necessary, let’s see what you can turn clothes into... Scarves into skirts and pants into jackets? There are endless possibilities. You’ll learn how to sew and learn to create your own creative masterpieces!

Creative Writing: Story-telling, poetry, and prose galore. Creative writers thrive in and out of the classroom. Gaining inspiration from the beautiful campus and camp experiences inspires their writing and they even get to keep a filled journal of the work to showcase at the end.

Cooking: Emerging culinary artists, this is the specialty track for you! The amount we create is amazing. Bread from scratch, taco’s, pulled pork, and even take your hand at homemade pizza! You will certainly never go home hungry! Learning all the ins and outs of food service and cooking from beginning to end is a part of this specialty track. Working in groups to create different aspects of the meals, campers will come home with a recipe book of all tasty food their created and the skills to wow you back at home! *Menu of what we’ll be cooking varies each summer, the above were things made during the summer of 2016. We can only accommodate nut allergies in this specialty track.

Artist in Residence: Practice your artistry with a top notch artist! Painting, charcoal, drawing, sketches and water color are all included and incredible advice pushes kids forward to explore new mediums in art.

Minecraft: Ready to build a world of your own? Our team introduces a brand new group server that allows cool building and team design work on brand new castles. Tips for gameplay and individual character work all allow Minecraft to be an even cooler experience.

Baking: From muffins, to cookies; from cakes to turnovers – we’ll be learning all that goes into the art of baking in this specialty track. We’ll also dive into cake decorating and may even have time to learn about candy making too. We can only accommodate nut allergies in this specialty track.

Sport Specialty Tracks

Sport Specialty Camps

Our sport tracks are top notch! Each track is led by Lawrence Academy Varsity Sport coaches or area community coaches, and staffed by current varsity student athletes, college student athletes (many being former LA students), and adult coaches in the community. The sport tracks have a high focus on skills and drills and having each camper go from good to great! Campers are split up by age and skill level and offer something for all levels of play – from beginners to experienced players, we have something for everyone! All sport tracks are COED unless otherwise noted.

Baseball: Focuses on throwing, catching, hitting, infield, outfield, pitching, running and sliding skills.
Campers will need Campers will need cleats, a baseball cap, and cup (for boys), as well as sneakers for indoor play. Campers are welcome to bring their own bat, glove, and helmet, but it is not required.

Basketball: Focuses on refining fundamental basketball skills for players of all levels. Campers will work on and enhance their shooting, offensive moves, defense, rebounding, team play and more!
Non-marking sneakers are required. Campers are welcome to bring their own basketball (clearly labeled), but it is not required.

Field Hockey: Focuses on improving player technique and developing a better understanding of the game through learning and improving skills such as 1-on1 elimination skills, passing, scoring , defensive skills, sport fundamentals, team work and game play. Mouth guards, cleats and shin guards are required for this camp. Please let us know if you need to borrow a field hockey stick or will be bringing one of your own.

Boys Lacrosse: Focuses on fundamental skills such as stick work, position training, drills and scrimmages. This is a no contact, no pads, no helmets camp. Mouth guards, goggles, cleats (and/or sneakers) are required for this camp. Please let us know if you need to borrow a lacrosse stick or will be bringing one of your own.

Girls Lacrosse: Focuses stick work, footwork, and gaining a better sense of the game by working on smaller concepts of the defensive and offensive ends. Mouth guards, goggles, cleats (and/or sneakers) are needed for this track. If you need to borrow a girls lacrosse stick, please let us know – otherwise please bring your stick from home.

Soccer: Centrally focused on skills and drills to take our campers from good to great! Skills learned dribbling, passing, shooting. We do not work on heading skills in this track. Cleats are preferred, but sneakers are a must. Shin guards are also required. Campers are welcome to bring their own soccer ball (clearly labeled) but are not required.

Volleyball: One of the fastest growing sports in the US and New England! This track focuses on introducing the sport and developing skills for any level of experience. Attention will be paid towards the skills of passing, movement, and having fun while learning the game.

Trip Camps

Trip Camps

Our trip camps offer daily adventure off campus for your adventure seeking camper! With experienced, adult staff leading the trip camps, our campers are inspired to take risks and enjoy the adventure each day. We provide safe bus transportation to and from each trip each day. Lunch and snacks are included in the tuition for all trip camps. We always have a rainy day/bad weather back up so the fun never stops!

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE (12-15 years old) June 26 – 30, $750
Be adventurous and explore the outdoors! Trips such as rock climbing, white water rafting, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and hiking are all included, and each one is more challenging than the last. This camp takes outdoor exploration to a new extreme. (NOTE: This camp requires a mandatory Monday morning swim test. All campers must pass the test in order to participate in this camp.)

NATURE ADVENTURE (7-12 years old) July 3 – 7 (No camp on July 4), $650
Love for the beauty in nature starts young. This program exposes campers to new places every day, where they can learn a new lesson about something outside. Drumlin farms, Dow Orchards for seasonal fruit picking, Davis’ Farmland and Purgatory Chasm are some of the highlights.

HIGH ADVENTURE (11-15 years old) July 10 – 14 and August 7 – 11, $750
We hope you aren’t afraid of heights! Campers will zoom off each day to test their thrill-seeking skills on adventures such as high ropes course, indoor skydiving, zip lining, an aerial park, outdoor boulder climbing, and go-karting. (NOTE: This camp is physically demanding. Please make sure your child is up for the physical challenges of this camp.)

WATER ADVENTURE (10-15 years old) July 17 – 21, $750
The summer is hot, so why not cool off with our Water Adventure camp? Each day, campers will go off on a new H2O adventure, including trips to Surf’s Up, Codzilla, and Water Country; a day of sea kayaking; and even a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Bring your swimsuit, and let’s get splashing! (NOTE: This camp requires a mandatory Monday morning swim test. All campers must pass the test in order to participate in this camp.)

WILDERNESS ADVENTURE (12-15 years old) July 24 – August 4, $1600
New this year! Wilderness Adventure campers will experience the outdoors like never before. Campers will go hiking, sea kayaking, outdoor rock climbing, camping and white water rafting, and learn wilderness survival skills, including how to build a fire, how to cook food over a fire, how to pitch a tent, and other camping skills. (NOTE: This camp includes two different overnights to go camping. Thursday night 7/27-7/28, as well as Tuesday 8/1 – Thursday 8/3. This camp also requires a mandatory Monday morning swim test. All campers must pass the test in order to participate in this camp.)

MARINE SCIENCE EXPLORATION (11-15 years old) August 14 – 18, $750
Through field trips and hands-on activities, campers will become marine biologists! With Lawrence Academy science faculty and marine scientist Steve Engstrom, we will explore the local coasts to learn about everything from plankton and lobsters to seals and whales. Campers will collect creatures for our saltwater aquarium back in our lab to observe and investigate during the week. We will get a behind-the-scenes tour of a local aquarium and science center and get to see humpbacks feeding on a whale watching trip. Campers will get their hands wet this summer while pursuing their passion for the ocean.

Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps

Our specialty camps allow campers to dive more deeply into an interest of theirs. We have something for everyone in areas such as art, fashion design, writing, robotics, computer gaming, and cooking to name a few! With staff who are experts in their specialty Directing each specialty camp, and counselors with experience and training in the specialty is a recipe for success for your camper to learn and grow!

ADVANCED ROBOTICS (11-15 years old; must have previously completed two robotics camp sessions) July 24 – 28, $525
Our director, Jay, is at it again! Campers who have completed two previous Robotics camps are invited to join this new and crazy camp. With intense obstacles, insane building skills, and new and improved hoops to jump through, Robotics have never been more intense… or more fun!

BUILD YOUR OWN CANOE (11-15 years old) August 7 – 11 and August 14 – 18, $825
Build your very own canoe in this awesome new specialty camp! Campers will spend their days working with craftsman Chris Balch or Balch Boats as he guides them through the process of building a light and fast 15-foot canoe that’s perfect for paddling on flat water and gentle rivers. NOTE: Campers must be able to transport their canoe from LA on the last day of their session; Summer at LA cannot transport or store canoes.

COUNSELOR-IN-TRAINING (CIT) PROGRAM (14-15 years old) June 26 – July 21 and July 24 – August 18, $1200
Not only are basic leadership, communication, team building and management skills taught, CIT campers address and practice these skills with our younger campers. Thanks to the included CPR Red Cross certifications, as well as interview practice, resume building and a professional letter of recommendation, CITs will be well ahead of the game. NOTE: The CIT program is filled through rolling applications, and limited spots are available, so contact us soon for an application.

Counselor in Training

CIT (Counselor in Training)

Not only are basic leadership, communication, team building, and management skills taught, they are addressed and practiced with our younger campers. This camp is for the young professionals that want the opportunity to gain a leg up on their competitors. With CPR and Red Cross Certifications included as well as interview practice, resume building, and a professional letter of recommendation, CIT’s are well ahead of the game. The CIT program is filled by rolling applications. We have limited spots, contact us soon for an application!


  • CIT 1: June 27 – July 22 - $950
  • CIT 2: July 25 – August 19 - $950

Application Information: COMING SOON

Extended Day

Extended Day

We offer both morning and afternoon extended care hours for our campers. Our campers have fun in a relaxed, less structured environment, while still having loads of fun! Extended Day sign ups must be done at least 2 weeks in advance. Refunds will not be given without at least 7 days’ notice.

AM CARE:Opens at 7:15 AM. We will bring your camper to their camp at 8:50 AM.
PM CARE:Offered from 4:00 – 6:00 PM each day. Snack included for PM Care. Any campers not picked up by 4:10 PM, are automatically brought to PM Care.
PRESCHOOL EXTENDED CARE: 2:00 – 4:00 PM. Specialized extended care for our youngest campers. We offer light snacks and some rest/down time for our littlest campers. Still keeping our ratios low and having our preschool specialized staff working with any extended hours preschool campers!


  • AM Care $85/week or $20/day
  • PM Care $100/week or $25/day
  • Preschool Extended Care $100/week or $25/day
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