LA Spartans

"To set the cause above renown, To love the game beyond the prize..."


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Varsity Squash

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Name Class Hometown
Mark Bedetti 2019 Beverly, MA
Charles Carter 2017 Ayer, MA
Lori Donohoe 2020 Acton, MA
Jack Duggan 2019 Chelmsford, MA
Margaret Eames 2019 Andover, MA
Michael Feeney 2019 Concord, MA
Alexander Jafry 2017 Bolton, MA
Lily Jarnryd 2019 Concord, MA
Hyunbae Jeon 2019 Leominster, MA
Ethan Karp 2017 Pepperell, MA
Emily Leung 2019 Groton, MA
Yating Ou 2018 Shenzhen
Hsin-Fang Wu 2018 Taipei City
Xinyan Xie 2017 Sichuan
Chuyi Xu 2019 Fuzhou
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