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The Head's Blog: Some Assembly Required

by Dan Scheibe

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Town Spirit

Neighborly Neighbors, photo by A. MontesanoPerhaps 10 times a week, if not more, I make the 150-second drive from Lawrence Academy to Groton School. I am not suffering from some kind of independent-school-stalker-voyeurism. I am suffering from youth sports. Between hockey and swimming practices for my kids, we have a good number of early mornings and later evenings per week over there on Farmer’s Row. It might be true that I have taken a lap or two around their indoor track while waiting out snow-bound winter practices.

Reciprocally, there are many occasions when we welcome our Groton School companions over here off of Main Street, whether for those same youth sports or for carpools or for the general sharing of facilities and educational resources that makes for good neighborly and institutional practice. And extending the educational commons, many people in our communities benefit from (and contribute to) the excellent public school education we are fortunate to have in the town of Groton.

It’s a constant …

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Only Human Today

Martin Luther King Jr.In the less than 30 years since Martin Luther King Day became a national holiday and part of national practice, the occasion has deepened in meaning and purpose. On the national level, it has become entwined with inaugurations and State of the Union Addresses. On the international level, it has resonated with conflicts and causes—with the annual tragedies and triumphs that mark our passage through modern times.

As the holiday is still fresh, it has resisted some of the commercialization that cheapens such days. From where I sit as an educator who has seen the holiday enacted over nearly two decades, Martin Luther King Day has indeed extended both its roots and its branches. Perhaps we have reason to hope that it can measure up to a standard of timelessness and global reach that would mark the best application of human will and spirit.

Beyond the larger implications and within the Lawrence Academy community, the day has become a matter of expectation and delivery, and this year&…

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A New Year Dawns

…but the basic mission and identity of Lawrence Academy persists, even as each moment is a shining example of change. Just as it should be in a place whose business is the development and transformation of young lives.There must be strong vision and values binding our lives together, catalyzing them, sustaining them, lending them meaning. 

Recently, we have been reimagining the meaning of our powerful motto: “Omnibus Lucet.” I am sure I will subject both the school and this blog to many future musings about the significance of our saying, but for now, here’s a link to an animated muse, an Omnibus Lucet video capturing some of these New Year, New Day, New Moment thoughts. May you have a shining day, year, and life!

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