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Some Assembly Required

by Dan Scheibe

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Video: The football Spartans celebrate their share of the ISL title.It was an incredibly busy and successful week around Academy Hill (that’s what they called it old-school, back in the late 18thcentury). So much to note, experience, and celebrate, and in-person and online, we did all we could to organize, promote, regulate, control, coordinate, and report. Nothing captures the spirit and the moment better, though, than a series of emails from Alex Munick, self-designated leader of #spartanation (like ketchup, everything is better with a hashtag).

Over the week, Alex, on behalf of #spartanation, announced and promoted everything from 3rds to Varsity contests, boys and girls. No school administrator could have better observed the courtesies of equal opportunity attention, and that spirit became part of the success of the week, summarized in one of the final emails to the entire school, which proclaimed:

“Let’s have a huge showing and positive support for everything going on! Good luck to both the Varsity Football team and …

Posted by John Bishop on Wednesday November 12 at 11:05AM
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Founders Day 2014For a school that is 222-or-so years old, Lawrence Academy wears its traditions lightly. Certainly the campus itself has a historic feel, and the “1793” date of the school is firmly founded beneath Omnibus Lucet on the school seal. But there are few relics, cornerstones or monuments on our daily paths literally or figuratively taking us back to the school’s origins.

Our access to the past needs to be more by way of spirit, and on Founders’ Day we attempted to capture, remember, and celebrate the “founding spirit” that strengthens the school even today. We find that spirit in present members of the community, both students and staff. We find it in exemplary figures like this year’s Founders’ Award winner Ann Conway, who has helped to guide and sustain the school in recent generations.

We also have access to that founding spirit in looking back on the actual history of the school and the events surrounding its inception. I share the …

Posted by jbishop on Thursday October 30 at 09:22AM
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This one sort of speaks for itself. As will become clear to anyone who presses the play buttons below, I have a weakness for spoken-word/freestyle. And by weakness, I mean, it’s a problem, and I could use some professional help.

In trying to create excitement for next week’s J. William Mees Visiting Scholar, Lin-Manuel Miranda, I followed a quick clip of his Tony Award acceptance speech...

With my own advertisement...

I provide the following notes to self and to you to help explain or apologize, as the case may be:

Note 1: more eye-contact please, and it’s not really freestyle if you write the whole thing out

Note 2: reference to “Mariachi” and “Emergency Drill” in first line very “meta-textual”…see last week’s blog.

Note 3: my dad did actually teach Lin-Manuel Miranda at Wesleyan

Note 4: I have no idea why I affected some strange accent to rhyme “theatah’ and eatah’”

Note 5: remember…

Posted by jbishop on Tuesday September 30 at 10:49AM
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