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Some Assembly Required

by Dan Scheibe

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Two Assemblies Worth

Opening Assembly
Young Dan...It was Mission Monday at Lawrence Academy. Assembly to-do list:1. introduce new faculty; 2. conduct necessary business; 3. read aloud and somehow animate LA mission; 4. sing school song. New faculty introductions—check (all present and accounted for and just a few new faculty anyway).  Necessary business—check (hello new math club!). Mission: check (wording of mission supported by awkward images and tales of adolescent self - see photo at right). School song: check (call and response this time—pretty rousing).

Our classes have started, our season is in swing, our performances have begun. We are assembling our mission as people and as a school day by day. How fortunate we are to have the freedom to do so and the support of an entire school and its legacy standing behind us.

Mountain Day Assembly
Over the years I’ve tried to find some clever ways to explain why we are sending a school up a mountain. A slightly squirmy, boot-clad, well-layered …

Posted by jbishop on Thursday September 18 at 01:15PM
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Early activity on the Quad...This is our posture at the beginning of the year. Through what will amount to 2+ weeks of preparation, we will be ready, alert, poised for the full arrival and steady launch of an opening of school dating back 222 years. New faculty (and returning as well) have been oriented, pre-season athletes trained, schedules produced, departments met, dorms opened, and the whole campus trimmed and polished.

We are ready! (Exclamation.) Ready for the thrill of a new year, of new students, of a fresh start and of possibility delivered daily, weekly, and monthly. We are ready? (Question.) Yes, ready for challenges, difficulties, the unknown, the unforeseen, the unpredictable, and the unrehearsed. And we are ready.  (Period, full stop.) Ready for the good work ahead—work that we believe to be nothing less than transformative in the lives of young people. 

Our job is to help our students be ready—not just for the test or for college, but for each quietly significant (…

Posted by jbishop on Thursday September 4
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School Is Out

Something for Nothing PlayersWhile some of our independent school brothers and sisters have started their breaks, Lawrence Academy has been at school for the past two weeks. Well, that is not entirely an accurate statement: we have been at school, but we have been at it in about 50 different settings (through 30 different programs) around the area and around the world.

As I have come to learn more about LA's Winterim over my first two years, I'd like to share some growing thoughts on the program. The industry term for our educational practice during this weather-challenged period is "experiential learning."

Here are some formulaic descriptions of what that means:

  • Mariposa Foundation (Dominican Republic): twelve years of continuous engagement= deep connection with social justice and hope on a global scale.
  • ARC of Opportunity (Fitchburg): two weeks of continuous engagement with the developmentally disabled= significantly deepened connection to others and self.
  • Chess (on campus): strategic struggles with …
Posted by jbishop on Thursday March 13
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