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Diploma Requirements

Class of 2015.

Credit minimum:
18 credits and one Winterim course for each year of school a student is in attendance are required for graduation by students who enter Lawrence Academy in grade 9. All other students are required to earn 17-1/3 credits. A yearlong course fulfills 1 credit. A term course fulfills 1/3 credit.

Course credit: To receive credit for any course, students must satisfactorily fulfill all requirements outlined by the teacher. Students who do not meet these requirements by the end of any midterm or term receive an F. A term failure is averaged into the year grade of a yearlong course; if it is a term course, the student will have failed that course.

Course load: Students generally complete 5 courses per term. A minimum of 4 courses must be taken in a term for students to be considered full-time and must receive approval from the director of studies. Students wishing to take 6 courses in more than one term must receive approval from the director of studies. Sophomores and juniors are required to take an arts course during one term each year to satisfy the arts requirement, unless waived from this requirement by the director of studies. In addition, every student is required to pass a 2-week Winterim course each year.

Credit Distribution

  • English: An English course must be taken each term. Junior English Seminar is required for juniors. Seniors must take Senior Seminar, AP English, or Honors Writing. Four years required.
  • Mathematics: Students must complete Math 3 or satisfy the requirements of the Math Foundations course.
  • History and Social Sciences: Three years required for students entering as freshmen. Others take two years. U.S. History is required for students who enter as juniors. (See ESL below.)
  • Science: Chemistry and Biology are required.
  • Foreign Language: Two years are required of any one language, French, Latin, Spanish, or Chinese, regardless of the level at which the student begins in the freshman year. The requirement is waived for students with documented waivers. New students signing up for a second year or higher level class need department chair approval.
  • Arts: Two credits required for students entering as freshmen. Students entering after the freshman year receive credit for high school arts courses approved by Lawrence Academy. If credits from another high school total less than 1-1/3, arts courses must be taken at Lawrence Academy until sufficient credits are earned or until the student has earned 1/3 credit for each year he or she attends Lawrence Academy. Sophomores and juniors must take one term of arts.
  • English as a Second Language: ESL students entering in the ninth grade need to take a total of two full years of art (6 terms). International students enrolling after ninth grade must take 1 term of art for every year they are students at LA. ESL Literature and Skills counts as an English credit. ESL Sociocultural Studies counts as a history credit.
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